Tren, Lab Work and Progesterone

Hey guys - some of you may know this but some of you don’t. When you take tren - all your estradiol labs will come back extremely false high. Tren appears as estradiol essentially during the blood analysis. So don’t be too quick to jump on an ai if you see this.

Also, even more interesting, is that in talking with an extremely respected physician who has a ton anecdotal experience with tren, tren seems by nature to raise progesterone ( since it is in fact one essentially) and when you raise progesterone you actually lower binding ability of estradiol. This is important as I ran a fairly lengthy tren cycle and it turns out on 300 mg test e and 400 mg tren e my estradiol was actually 12 measured ultra sensitive. So be wary of running an ai with tren and test cycles! Cheers!


So in turn the tren caused the body to aromatize less? I would still expect a slightly higher number when running tren term and test just do to the rate at which the AR is competed for. In turn more free test more aromatase is produce more conversion. Not saying you need an A.I but the.bloods should have been slightly higher. In my experience that is.

Would the same also be true when using Deca regarding the raising of progesterone and lowering the binding estradiol?