Tren Injections

I have been experimenting with supplements for years. I have done numerous cycles to the point I am on t therapy. One of the only things that I havent tried is tren. So I homebrewed for the first time using the 2/20 percent of ba and bb. My carrier oil was gso. Everything went fine during the brewing, nice and clean. Now I am into my second week of tren a and test p cycle. 100mg of each e.o.d. Now I have swelling on both butt cheeks, both thighs and now my shoulder. I have done plenty of test prop in the past but never homebrew. I had such a huge lump on my cheek that I took a syringe and drained 1cc of blood. All spots are red and swollen and itchy, but my blood was clear from infection.

So I did a test on my forearm much in the way you would get allergy tested.As soon as the ba entered my skin it began to swell. Its about the size of a mosquito bite.Is it uncommon to be so allergic to ba ? If so what can I replace it with to brew some more ? I know the gear is clean because my son is taking the same cycle and we are sharing the vials. He has had no reaction other than slight pain and he has gained 10 lbs

and you have never had a reaction on any of your previous cycles? They probably had b.a. in them too… I’ve never heard of an alternative to b.a. and most ugls will use 2%

When you did the allergy test did you use the b.a. seperately or did you use the gear you brewed? If you used the gear maybe you are allergic to the carrier oil. Sounds like it might not be the b.a. simply because im sure it was in your other vials as well.

I’m almost certain the 2% ba is not your worry bro. I’ve messed up a brew and put 8% ba out of miscalculation and still I had swelling that subsided in 5-7 days. I honestly think its the Prop. If I were you I’d do the Prop and Tren on diff sites.

When I used UGL Props I would never swell, when I brewed my own the swelling was insane until I cut it to 50mg/ml. This led me to believe that the UG crap in my area is ridiculously under dosed and since then I’ve always brewed everything besides orals. Good luck.


I used the ba, bb and gso from the bottles they were shipped in.

Actually I did separate the two injections. The test p hurts but it doesn’t sweep like the tren. I took a half dose at 50 mg this morning. Within an hour my leg was stiff and swollen. I rubbed it and stretched it out and it seems to be better. I warmed my shot up and mixed it with some test c hoping to ease the shot. Maybe it’s just a strong batch ?

When I allergy tested the ba swelled very quickly and the bb and gso did nothing.

[quote]easyrider2 wrote:
When I allergy tested the ba swelled very quickly and the bb and gso did nothing. [/quote]

No yea this sounds right. I would imagine anyone would get some inflammation pinning straight ba into a muscle. I’m not sure what you’re saying by the Tren sweeping faster than the Prop. If the Prop is still the one with the moss irritation try cutting it in half. Turn the Prop into 50mg/ml with 1% ba by adding 1ml of gso for every ml already brewed. Heat it up to ensure it turns into a solution and give it a try. I’ve read that’s all you need to be free from the majority of bacteria & germs so I gave it a shot and it was much more of a relief. I’ve never had any irritation at all with Tren Ace. I brew Test Ace as well to avoid Prop because its practically painless. Good luck man.


I ment swell. Even at half dose , 50, my leg is swollen and tight with the tren injection. I might re filter and see if that helps. Thanks for the replies !!