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Tren Injections


Hi all, im finally getting round to completing my cycle of tren and winstrol. I am going to be using 50mg of tren ED for 10 weeks. For the last 6 weeks I will add some Winny at 50mg a day in there.

The issue I have is with the injections. This is the first injection cycle I have done. I am aware that Tren has a short half life, however, could I get away with injecting less frequent than EOD, even every 3 days? I am concious injecting anywhere else but the glutes am sure I will need to rotate sites if I inject ED or EOD.

Also, what would you consider to be the best PCT for this cycle. I hve a shit load of Nolva to hand so ideally I would like to use this, but if I have to buy something else that will be fine

Lastly, advice on the cycle as whole, any experiences people have had etc etc



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Tren for a first cycle is bad enough. Tren only is worse yet. And tren ace only every third day is just about as bad as it can get. You are asking for a side effect hell.

Please take Bushy's advice and do not attempt to run this cycle. A test base is a must anytime a Nor19 is being used. Test and winstrol would be great for a first. If you can get enth or cyp you could use your every third day injections.


Hi, it is tren ace, I know peoples opinion on using test and initially was going to use test at a very low dosage (possibly 300mg aweek) as I know Tren on its own can shut you down pretty damn hard but I have spoke to a large number of people who have used tren ace alone without any issues.

In terms of the e3d thing, I kind of expected that response, just wanted to clarify peoples opinion on it. I will be honest and say I don't fully understand why dropping the frequency causes more sides, blood levels??

This is not my first cycle, I have cycled before, but only with tabs. Despite peoples opinions I have had fairly good results up until now


Ace is recommended daily because its half life is literally less than 36 hours. Meaning if you hit it every 72 hours more than 3/4 of your previous injection has already exited your system just three days later. That leads to rather large fluctuations in your blood levels; which often compounds and worsens the sides


And.. i don't get why you would want to inject less? I love it! I would inject everyday if i thought it would make a difference. Hell, i bought wistrol once to add to a cycle partly because it is a freq inject drug! lol!

Just learn the other sites, it is real easy.. i will give you a link to a great site, just learn glute, quad, delt as a basic 3, thats 6 injection sites, that you good for a week or so then all over again. No absesses here...!

(this site is good stuff. just learn what you need to and stop trying to find a way around shit!)




i think you should really consider dropping this cycle because i dont really understand the tren "ace" solo for 4 wks then bringing in winny anyhow.. I have seen one person in my life use tren solo and he came to me asking why he cant get it up. I understand your side of saying there are people that dont get that particular side but you have to realize that every compound effects everyone differently so why not just run 500mg test cyp/enan for 10 wks and be happy. and if you must use your winny add that in there too. I really dont get risking something like that.. Do you not like sex?



I won't be "dropping" this cycle. I will use some test prop aswell as all this type of sexual dysfuntion is not really my cup of tea!. How does this sounds: -
1 - 8 weeks - Tren Ace - 50mg ED
1 - 10 weeks - Test ProP - 100mg EOD
4 - 10 weeks - winnny - 50mg ED
1 - 10 - Arimidex - .5mg ED

Any suggestions on a decent PCT for this cycle?


Bump that test prop up to 150mg EOD.

Too much Adex.


care to explain? lol

My goals aren't to put on too much bulk. The test is really in there to stop my dick from staying limp (at a still impressive 10 inches lol).


To avoid sexual sides from tren shutdown it is wise to keep the level of test considerably higher than thr tren. At 100mg eod the levels would be the same.


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Id personally cut this cycle to 6 weeks with 75mg prop, 50 mg tren ace and 25 mg winstrol daily. Plan to start something similar with 30mg masteron daily as well in the not too distant future.

Also agree that this is likley way too much adex.

What do you plan to use for pct and how?


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I was going to use Nolva for my PCT. I have heard it can possibly cause problems with Tren, but at the same time I have heard alot of people have used it with no issues. Lots of conflicting info out there.

From the info I have gathered, it seems 1) I should increase the amount of test and 2) I should lower the Arimidex during the cycle.

So, my other questions are. Ideas of how to run the PCT, and how much Arimidex would be sufficient.

I am very reluctant to increase the dosage of test by too much, it would kind of defeat the object of my goal in this cycle. 125mg EOD will prob be what I will go with.

And lastly, on a separate note, surely that picture isnt real!!! that is seriously messed up!haha


Increasing it to twice the tren, or close to that, will take care of things downstairs, and if you can't realize your cutting goals still, then you don't know how to diet properly. It's that simple. Plenty of people cut with moderate to high test in a cycle. They just know how to eat right.

Do you?


How would increasing the test defeat the purpose of your goal?

As Tony has already mentioned. Many people cut on test alone and dont just use it so they man parts still function.

From all your reading and research how much adex do you feel will be sufficient and what are your plans for pct?


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.25 ED of Adex maybe a better option. Would you agree? or is that still a bit much?

As for PCT, I was going to use Nolva, starting three weeks after the last shot of test. 40/30/20/10 - how does that sound?

Any suggestions of an anti E for prolactin issues?

in others experience would pinning the test prop ED be a better option that EOD?