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Tren Info for First Go Around?

Ive heard conflicting info on running tren for the first time. Done a bunch of test/deca/dbol or anavar cycles and the next one will be test 200wk/tren 300wk and mast 300wk. I’m a fan of less is more.
The question is should I run tren ace or enanthate? If read/heard supporting data for both esters on the first go. Can someone chime in on this? Also how does the cycle dosage look? Going for hard, dry gains. Sick of wet cycles. If E is recommended should I add anavar or low dbol for the first couple weeks?
If ace is better should I go with a shorter ester mast as well and pin them together?
Thanks in advance.

Ace is advisable for first cyclers. Reason…? Its due to the clearance of the drug. If you get bad side effects and need to stop you will be waiting less time for the problems to subside. I would run mast p with the tren ace. Doses seem reasonable.

Any experience with pip on the mast p or ace? Is eod good for both esters?

Check out steroidplotter .com. You can plot your compounds and see the release. If I plot ace or prop EOD, there are some sharp peaks and valleys. Plot it every day and it is much smoother. I vote ED for prop and ace, since I like to minimize my hormonal roller coasters.

I’ve never run Tren of any ester, but mast P plenty of times. PIP was noticeable but not bad. I’ve only ever got bad PIP with test Prop.

Yeah I’ve done that. Was trying to get away from every day if I could. That’s another reason I considered enathate for more stable levels.
Have you tried going eod and then switching to every day if/when it became an issue?

Thanks for the reply. Leaning toward ace and mast p. Will prob start out pinning together eod and see how I feel and go to every day if need be.

You have to go ace. Even if you get the minimum of tren side effects you’ll still probably have lousy sleep (which is reason #3 why I’ll never touch it). Lousy sleep means all kinds of other things can go pear-shaped.

Yeah I hear ya. Hopefully won’t be an issue but I guess we will see. I’m gonna go with the tren ace and mast prop. Pin eod to start and see how I feel after two weeks or so then re evaluate if I need to go ed. Thanks for the response.

Tren made me want to “fuck or fight” pretty much everyone plus eat like I was 18. I ran Tren E so that may have made a difference. Just be careful.

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Yeah hopefully all will be good. I took the less is more approach with the mg for each compound so hopefully will be a good experience with some solid lean gains.
Did you kickstart with anything if you used ace or did it come on pretty fast? Currently on 180mg test blend for my hrt so just gonna bump up to 200 for the test and 300/wk for the tren and mast.

Never used Ace, just the Eth so I could pin with my Test

My first inclination was to use enth but don’t wanna get in a bad situation and have a long wait to get out. My reservation with the ace was the amount of pinning. Hopefully eod will be good as far as stable blood levels. We will see. I revive this thread once this is underway. Looking to start after bloodwork I’m a few more weeks.