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Tren Induced ED and PE

Don’t take nolva daily. Physiolojik doesn’t require his TRT patients to take daily tamoxifen. He uses it on cycle to defend against possible gynecomastia when running higher doses as opposed to using an AI. All you need you is Testosterone.

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I’ve cut arimidex dose in half. Got a few weeks lefts till meet then will remove arimidex entirely so test estrafiol rations can be 20:1 without arimidex interfering. Will then taper down from meet prep dose to 175 mg over the course of a couple weeks. From March 1 2020 forward I will be trying 175 mg test weekly and that’s it. How long should I try before expecting results and trying another remedy?

Im learning a lot about how these compounds bind themselves to your body and ridding yourself of them is the hardest part. Something you should try is to detox yourself via sweat glands. Stick with TRT and start hitting the sauna. Sweat it out. Its bro science to me but it has worked for some of the early mass monsters. Hydrate like crazy and hit the sauna everyday for a couple of weeks. Its lo-tech but it will help with detox, and bring you back to Tiger status. Best of luck.

Can’t believe this wasn’t said but GET A NEW COACH!!!

NO coach should EVER push drugs.

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Would metamucil help?

Did that awhile back :muscle:t2:

So if a 1:20 ratio is good my e levels times 20 should equal my test levels?

The ratio that makes most sense to me is 15-25:1 (T for every E). Which is basically the same thing as 20:1.

So my initial levels were way too low on the estrogen side

So I began the lower dose on the 15th as planned. Running 90 mg twice a week to have it more stable. The problem has worsened some since my test drop but as many of you mentioned it will take a few months to see any positive changes. I plan to take another blood test in April to see what my numbers are

So I’ve been on 175 mg a week now and my depression is super fucking high can anyone give me an idea of it will prlersist or if this new dose is too low? I lowered it due to Ed issues when at 250 a week and people from this thread advised I try 175

Do you have anything else that could be causing depression? Bad work situation? Relationships? I say this because hormones are one piece of the puzzle.

You’re on tren right… one of the harshest AAS in terms of net effect on neurotransmission

Drop the tren dude, it’s not rocketscience

If you’re talking about test (and haven’t used tren recently)… it’s probably not related to androgen concentration (250mg might be for those sensitive)… I’d suggest seeing a shrink if you’re cripplingly depressed

No I’m not on tren. Only did for like a few weeks then dropped it once I noticed this going on. December 2018

How long were you off of everything? Did you do a PCT? If so, what was the PCT?

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Hey brother, I would recommend removing that pic and posting a new one without your name and address. Just a personal security measure.

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Thats the pct protocol I did. I stopped test July 10 then did the remaining 6 weeks of pct. End of pct was mid to late august

You have a couple of things worth noting: LH, FSH, TT, FT, E2. All of those are low except LH, which is lower than mid range. You have been off PCT for about 3 months then, right? I would have thought you would be recovered a bit better with that amount of time. You have a few options going forward. You could wait another 3 months and test again, to see if you come back with time (many do given enough time). You could try another PCT (then wait and test again). You could do SERM or HCG monotherapy. You could go to TRT. You could do nothing. How do you feel now?