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Tren Induced ED and PE

Please help. sept/oct of 2018 tried tren with test and anavar. ran test before never has any issues. added tren bec coach was always pushing it. took for 4 weeks before meet (powerlifting). ran about 100 mg-150mg with 500mg of test(2x week) and 10mg anavar daily. three weeks in got dead dick. dead. got off tren and continued test only and seen slight improvement. Feb 2019 decided to get off sauce entirely but mistakingly took anavar orally to finish my stock for two weeks in feb. used nolva and chlomid pct but cant remember doses atm. took blood test in September had low test levels of 267 (300-1000). began personal TRT of 250 mg test in late October 2019. took another blood test nov 18 2019 with below results.

test results:


LH .1 1.7-8.6
FSH .2 1.5-12.4
test serum 1176 264-916
test free 41 9.3-26.5
DHEA 560 138-452
TSH 1.46 .45-4.5
Prolactin 13.1 4-15.2
estradiol 52.1 7.6-42.6
insulin 27.9 2.6-24.9

current dick status… using tadalfil 20mg every three days and some maca/zinc/tribulus/flowerpollen for libido. Libido could use some improvements but is doing a lot better than what is was. dick can get hard enough for penetration but most often is a little soft. developed premature ejaculation as well and its hard to not cum fast. Please help me figure out what direction to go to resolve issue. Current coach ays it will heal over time now that hormone levels are up and we remain steady with them. Please provide any advice you can. I am open to take any blood tests I need and respond with results.

You could try lowering you trt dose. Sometimes more isn’t better. That would change your e2 level to be a bit lower, and could help.

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I forgot to mention I started taking arimidex a few weeks ago to control the e2. But still worth trying lower dose to test it

You could have tanked your oestrogen. Low E will give you ED.



Listen to SB. Using an ai is complicated, and you could easily end up to low, which could cause issues as well. You are better off lowering the test, and not using the ai.

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The school of thought I always seemed to follow was making Tren the main mass builder.

I only used Tren ace once in 2015 for a month. Started at 150mg to 350mg before stopping it.

I always kept test lower than Tren. At most 200-250mg in conjunction with 350mg Tren. No HCG nor AI during my cycle either. No problems during nor during PCT.

However knowing what I know now about Tren, I wouldn’t touch it for shit.

Hopefully it’s just your AI fucking with you and you can move on with life happily.

Aromatic inhibitor or something? Like the arimidex? I started using that very recently so I had the issues beforehand as well but I will try to not take it and lower the test and see how that works

What do you mean AI?

Aromatase inhibitor

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It’s wired because me e levels were higher than the interval range and I was having the problems then as well

The range is based on “normal” levels, i.e. people not on cycles or TRT.

The ratio of T to E2 is what seems to matter most, not the actual value. If your T is high, E2 should be high too. Something like 20:1 is in the ballpark, which is right where you were on the lab tests you posted originally.

Oh wow that’s a very good point I never even though of that! :raised_hands:

While the T:E2 ratio is important, I think some men just have erection problems when both T and E2 are high. Lowering T a bit to lower E2 may increase erection strength. I do think 250 mg a week might be too much for some men in regards to erection quality. I would try 175 mg a week and see what that does. You will need to give it time to see if that works well.

Knowing what I know now about 19-nors I won’t use them. I know they work well, but ED is not worth it.

Man thank you I will implement this after my meet (a month away) and let you know results as well as another blood test right before

I got a meet in February. Not very top level or anything, and on my first mild cycle (325 mg test per week for 13 weeks, 50 mg var a day for the last six weeks). Looking for something like 540, 360, and 600 @ 220 lbs (I’m kinda fat ~20%).

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Mine is in Feb too where is yours? I’m going 220 as well :yum: hoping for 560, 435, 635

Mine is in Minnesota. I will be using wraps. We will see. I am hit or miss on meets.

That bench is juicy though.

Thanks man! And thanks for your advice… I’m praying it will work

It most likely will. You will just have to be patient. It probably will not happen over night. Keep you protocol consistent for at least 2-3 months before making a judgment.

Don’t use 19-nors (tren, deca, npp) anymore. They are not for you.

If you’re eating at caloric maintenance and use anavar to prepare for a meet you’ll probably lose some bf%… same for test actually, but moreso with var

Anavar will… acutely (for most) crush you’re lipid profile