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Tren In Short Cycle

did a 3 weeker t prop and npp. 1 st 3 days 100 of each ed then 100 eod, worked out well. want to give tren a go. should i use the same protocol as above. some guys say tren needs to be ed but the active life is roughly the same as prop and npp so eod after the first 3 ed should be ok...right? fyi the tren is ace. 

i just finished a series of 3 week shorties…prop + drol…prop + tren twice in a row.

i no longer think tren is suited for short cycles, seems pretty damn suppressive, and the whole idea of short cycling is to limit suppression and recover quickly…and shooting EOD gave me unwanted sides, i could actually feel the difference between the day i shot, and the off day, felt like a yo-yo. ED is a must IMO for tren, and i would think the duration should be a minimum of 6 weeks.

shorties worth considering:
prop + npp
prop + drol
prop + d-bol
prop + npp + d-bol
prop + masteron
prop + bold prop
masteron + primo
winny + drol

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Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me out. I have taken roids before and decided to give tren a go. Well, after only 1 bottle and having taken it for about 19 days, shooting it EOD, I have decided to stop.

My question is this: Should I be worried about any side effects after having taken it for such a short time. My balls seem to be a little smaller, and my libido is just a little down but that’s about it. I have some Nolva on hand but I don’t feel any estrogenic side effects. What is your guys opinion on this matter? Any advice would be very helpful