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Tren Hex (Parabolan)


Sup guys,

Quick question regarding good ole Tren.

Most people generally opt for Acetate as their ester choice for tren and very rarely do I see people including Tren Enth or Hex in their cycles. I'm guessing people go for Ace over Hex etc due to it's shorter ester?

Hex certainly is appealing (for a newer user), since it allows for fewer injections and are (possibly?) less susceptable to tren cough. Anyone have any experience with Hex, especially when compared to Ace.

I was considering a cycle of something like:

Test Enth 750mg/week
Tren Hex 300mg/week


[quote]Bakuhatsu wrote:
I’m guessing people go for Ace over Hex etc due to it’s shorter ester? [/quote]

I suspect it’s simply a matter of availability.

BR has conjectured that the longer-estered preparations might also have issues with reliability, but that wouldn’t factor into one’s decision (though perhaps it should?)


and due to the fact that tren can accompany some harsh sometimes unbearable sides FOR SOME others are just fine with it and until you find your sweet spot dose you wont know. i wouldnt wanna be one of the unlucky ones with sides then be stuck with a hex ester in me. with ace if the sides come on to hard its outa your system quick get me?


Awesome points. I was a little short sighted with just being concerned with the ‘cough’.

Whilst I understand tren dosage are very specific to an individual, would 300mg/week be a reasonable dosage to start from considering people often does Tren A around 75mg/EOD?


I would start at either 250 or the 300mg you planned. You know how you tolerate other AAS - this will factor in to how you tolerate tren.

Why not just go with the Ace ester though? Just the frequency of injections? (ED is 100% better at controlling sides than EOD for an ace ester - with approx 1 day half life, FYI)

I second the ace choice for the first experimentation with tren - some people simply cannot bear the sides… no sleep, aggression, night sweats etc… Some dont get a single occurance at the same dose.