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Tren Hex (Parabolan) and Prolactin

Has anyone had problems with prolactin

A little from anadrol. You are gonna have to be specific.

What about with Tren Hex I hear it’s unlikely but just want to be safe

When you use any tren from any ester (and deca for that matter) you’re taking a chance of impacting your progesterone which then raises prolactin levels. Everyone is different and sensitivities range but hex shouldn’t impact more than any other ester.
Either way it’s usually an easy fix with Caber - 0.5mg twice per week and increase if needed until it’s better. Don’t over do the Caber - if you lower it too much you’ll have other issues.
If you want to be safe, just have Caber on hand.

Thanks for the info and should I take the caber the same day I pin or what do you think I’ve only pinned Test e 250 so I’ve never took caber or an anti estrogen except for clomid or Nolvadex in pct

You don’t need caber for test only.

Yeah I know that Nolvadex or clomid is just fine when on a test only cycle

Only take caber if you have prolactin side effects from the tren. If you’re not sure, get blood labs to know. Too low or too high are equally bad. If tren ups it, you want to lower it just enough. If you are only using test you don’t need caber at all.
You can take it the day you pin if you want - doesn’t really matter as long as you are consistent with timing and days (if you are taking 0.5 twice per week then always to Monday and Thursday and don’t miss).

Thanks for all the info much appreciated

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