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Tren Hex and Test C 250 in Same Syringe?

Probably a dumb question but is it better to put 2 substances in 1 syringe or as that just for the convinice

All you will end up doing by trying to load 2 separate steroids is contaminate the second vial, when you have to get rid of bubbles, or reducing the amount in the syringe by expressing it back into the vial.
You can mix 2 separate steroids into one large vial(with sterile syringes). Just make sure you get the ratios right. Best if the 2 substances have the same injection schedule ie 2 fast acting steroids, or 2 slow acting steroids. You still have to inject the same amount of mg that you would with 2 separate injections, just one site though.

So I couldn’t pin for example 50mg of Test c 250 then load a new syringe with 1cc of tren H 100 and pin in the same spot

you can do whatever you want. the suggestion was for your convenience, it’s not a ‘can or can’t’ sort of thing.

I don’t see any issue with using the same needle in 2 vials, myself. the amount of cross contamination should be extremely minimal, you’re not pushing the first steroid into the second vial. you should just draw it. I’ve plunged a pin into a vial, removed, then re-plunged into the same vial without changing needles. I’m sure most people have. There’s no substantive difference between this and switching to a different vial. So in your case, if you draw the test first, then the tren H, you’ll contaminate the Tren H with a trace amount of the test… but who cares, right? it’s not going to matter if the next time you draw from the tren H bottle, you end up with trace amounts of test.

I can totally understand why people exercise a lot of caution with this stuff, but you really need to consider the net effects of your actions when deciding if something ACTUALLY matters or not. In this case, ‘contamination’ does not imply the transference of bacteria or anything unwanted from vial to vial. It’s just a little bit of a steroid into another steroid. No big deal. The vials will both be empty in a few weeks anyway, right?

I get what your saying I was thinking of just putting it in to he same syringe and pinning them in my quad

Yep the contamination issue of bacteria is very, very slight if you have already followed proper injection hygiene. To be 100% you could use a separate needle for the second vial