Tren Hard to Filter

I have made some tren from some powder (not pellets) and it was extremely hard to filter through a .44 micron filter.
With prop I could filter about 100 mls of prop before the filter would clogged up, tren would clogged up after 10mls of filtering.

Anyone else experience this, im worried that I may have filtered some of my product out.

No, you filtered something else out.

Anyone had this problem? whats the best way to get around it?

I’ve seen it happen before, although using pellets I’ve never experienced it. There is something in your powder that shouldn’t be there. If it’s tough to filter, then there is a reason. Filter it before use, make sure it’s warm and filter slowly. Have enough filters on hand that you have no worries, that will keep you from going too fast and hoping for a better result.