Tren Hairloss Pct

I quit running a halodrol and trenavar ( geared up juiced) prohormones because of hair shedding. I am using tropical SpiroI and Rogaine for my hairloss but it is not working.

I have ran test/Tren ace/ and dbol before and never had a problem while using topical Spiro. It has been one week since i stopped and I am still getting a lot of hair shedding while still using topical Spiro and rogaine. Will the shedding ever stop? i am prone to mpb.

I believe this is an issue you should discuss with your gynecologist.

not much you can do about it, and steroids will accelerate it.

you can try finasteride if your hair is more important than your sexual health

[quote]niksamaras wrote:
I believe this is an issue you should discuss with your gynecologist.[/quote]

Hahaha yes I second that and look at it this way, you’ll save a lot of money by not buying anymore hair gel, hair spray and hair straighteners

I’ve taken finasteride for around 8 years or so on and off, and haven´t noticed any sides…mite be worth a try…

I also started cos of MPB,

I started taking topical fin, azealic acid, and rogaine and I am still experiencing shedding and even have a bald spot now. I have cycle Test Prop and Tren Ace before with no problems while using fin but the tren only cycle has destroyed my hair line. It hicas been over 3 weeks and the shedding will not stop. I know tren has a 3 day half life but how long until it is fully out my system and the shedding stops. Theoretically, the propecia should stop the hairloss in it’s tracks if the tren is out of the system, RIGHT? plz help guys, I can’t seem to find an answer to this question.