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Tren Gyno

I was thinking of running a 6wk Tren Ace, proviron cycle.

80mg Tren ed
50mg proviron ed
Nolva pct

This will be my fourth cycle. I am trying to avoid test due to the sever bloat (even while on .5 adex a day, and low sodium, low carb diet) that I experience. This will be a bulker, as well as my first experience with Tren. My main concern is Tren Gyno. I’ve read conflicting info regarding this. Some say Tren doesnt cause gyno, some say it raises Prolactin so it does cause gyno. Some say to take b6 to combat Prolactin gyno. Whats the deal?
I know this is a heavily debated issue, but I would like to hear from experience. Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys.

tren is the only steroid that start my nipples itching …as soon as you notice sensetivity start with some nolvadex and you should be ok

Even after 5 or 6 cycles, I never had any gyno until I did a tren only cycle.

[quote]lizard king wrote:
Even after 5 or 6 cycles, I never had any gyno until I did a tren only cycle.[/quote]

What did you do to combat this issue? B6, Nolva, a-dex?

Not that I have first hand experience, but from the research Nolvedex won’t stop Tren Gyno, specifically because Tren is causing gyno through a seperate pathway. I have read about B6, Cabergoline and bromocriptine as ones that can stop tren gyno. How’s that sparky? ( I also read nolvadex can worsen tren gyno )

Get Dostinex. Take it.