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Tren Gyno


( i am at work sorry for typo's and grammar in advance)
hey everyone. i have searched and I have read so many different things out there about this and its just confusing.
cycle started.
750mg test
50 tren ace eod
.25mcg t3 ed
.25 win ed
.5 letro ed.
.5 dostinex eod

first shot of 250 test with 50 tren ace.
first day feel perfectly fine. pumped feel like a champion. (tren is some strong stuff)
second day i can feel it leaving my system. but i feel this warm type of tingly feeling in my chest more centered around my nipple area. my brain thinks ok tren gyno.
i took .25mg more of dostinex feeling went away.
next day no sensation feel normal. i can tell tren is fully out of my system.
monday second shot same thing 250 test 50 tren. same dosage for dostinex,letro,t3,win.
feel fantastic no sensation. happy as can be no issues.
tuesday comes around i can feel the tren leaving my system. still fine no issue no sensations.

weds. 3rd shot. 250 test 50 tren. fine feel great about 5 hours later. the same sensation in my check around my nip. they are not sensative to touch they do not hurt. but i notice they look more puffy and still have that warm type of sensation in the chest around the nip area. so i take 600mg b6.. seems to help for a minute went home took .25 more dos. hit the gym and pretty much stopped caring or it was no longer bothering me.

wake up. no sensation i am thinking yes great feeling good. take my letro at .5 my t3 and win. 3-4 hours later same thing but this time it was a lot worse. nipples more puffy kind of getting hard. so i talk to my dude. he says not sure as the sensation i am describing doesn't make any sense. a few hours go by and it gets worse feels puffy. i can tell its getting puffier. you can see it looks fatter. hit the gym sensation starts to dwindle down. go to sleep wake up this morning no sensation as i can tell. ( i really can only tell when i have a shirt on or something is putting pressure on my nips)

friday. drop the tren. 250 test. 1 mg letro .25mcg t3 .25 win.
starting to feel better. when i woke up had the sensation. it left my right nip. went to my left nip. then swapped back forth. as of now i am feeling good still feel warmth under my chest but i am pretty sure this is due to the t3 or win. over all alot better.

so my thoughts are either one my letro is bunk. (which is near impossible as i know 3 others taking the same batch) or two letro is taking its time to fully get into my blood stream as it can take up to 60 days ( i have heard).

questions? is it all in my head? or is there any other ai. that may get into my system faster and keep my estrogen at bay in order to keep the Tren sides down. i have no sides from tren other than what i described. so far. i am sleeping great.feel fantastic (tren is incredibly) and i am seeing gains like crazy. I am leaning out. but I am not trying to end up with some breasts.
obviously this feeling is over my head and really eating at me.
is this a sign of gyno. or am I getting sides from something else?

It really seems to be an estrogen related issue.
should i switch to my aromasin or arimidex? i have both
every one says nolva would be pointless at this time.
I have nolva if needed.
or should i just wait a week get my estrogen in check then restart the tren?
shits expensive would hate to waste it.
any help is appreciated.


This is all in your head. Every bit. No way you feel Test or Tren immediately. Most people take two weeks. 1 week minimum. Depending on the test you've used (I assume E/C based on the 250) you won't have high(er) levels for a week or more.

You need to get off the gear until you learn more about what you are doing. If you don't know how long theses things take be effective you shouldn't be using them.


I know more than you think. its been a week. each individual responds differently. ill sort it out regardless. just figured I'd ask.as i usually respond fine to high levels of test with no issues. first time running a 19 nor small ester. as well as letro. i don't know how tren effects you my friend. but i can feel my body metabolize it. i'll give it a week or two and get some blood levels.


You are right mate, every person does respond differently to anabolics.

I know from personal usage that Tren plays havoc with my body once I start hitting 600mg's a week. I also have a close mate that struggles with any amount of tren.

Side effect from tren vary from person to person. Some users have awesome results while some don't.


Never said you might not feel it after a week. Some do. But you wouldn't feel it the first day and feel it leaving your system the next day. First of all that just wouldn't happen. Second it would be peaking the next day not leaving. If you knew as much as you think you would know what half lives are and what exactly that means about how a drug works in your body.

And because I'm feeling like a dick today. All esters are small. They are carbon atoms. Atoms are small.


Seeing gains like crazy? In a week? After 3 shots? Give me a break


went from 270 to 284 in a week. keep in mind i had no problems gaining naturally. i never do putting on size is easy for me. you tell me what to think lmao.. but i got it figured out. tren shuts my balls down immediately. the second day is the worst for me atleast. . test e takes a moment to get into my system. my guess is when i shot the tren my balls shut down causing my natural test to be depleted. leaving my normally semi high estrogen levels way above my test levels. which would cause the prog/prol sides. i dont care what any one says. I have huge balls. trust me you can tell if they shrunk . not to mention the wife was like wtf your balls shrunk dramatically.

i have since dropped everything but the test to work my estrogen out first. friday i took 1 ml of arimidex. man it helped. crushed the shit out of my estrogen but man it helped sat i was dry. my tits are no longer swollen and looking like i need a bra. also my wife mentioned aww your anti bitch medicine kicked in. i get real moody when i am full of estrogen. should be ok. shot the 750 mg on monday. still running .75 of letro trying to saturate my system with it. monday i will take my next shot of tren and see how it goes.

not sure how tren effects you but the second day is a come down for me. we shall see how it goes. i now know if i ever run tren again say it works out next week ( as i may not be able to fuck with it). i will start the letro 2 weeks before. front load my test and start the week after test kicks in with the tren.
did i see strength gains? no its too soon.
but did i gain weight? well the scale says so.. and my thighs not fitting in my pants claims to agree. same with my calves. keep in mind i was still making gains when i added the juice.
I live in utah. if any of you are in utah you are welcome to come lift and call my bluff. all in all the feeling is gone. I will work it out.. regardless if you so called pros. aka eatmorefood. has to say. lmao. thanks again.


lmao these forums are suppose to help ppl. not turn into dick comparison contests. lmao.. anyway ill keep you posted if anyone gives a shit.. man i have been on T-Nation since 2004. no wonder i avoid these forums like the plague. to many eat more foods out there.


Don't be quick to assume everyone on here is a dick. Steroid forums are littered with people who start new threads with no clue about what they're doing, expect to be spoon fed and then bitch when they hear an answer they don't like.

And your join date says October 2014..

Post a pic of yourself if you really wanna argue with the guys here


Lol sorry but shooting some tren isn't going to deplete your testosterone. Regardless of how long it takes to see the actually visual effects of test E it's in your body when you inject it, so therefor you have testosterone in your blood.

270-284 in a week, it's water weight and I'm probably assumig your carry a decent amount of body fat which leads me to believe partly from shitty foods as well.


Bitch at me all you want but the science doesn't work in your favor. You don't see "gains like crazy" after a week. Tren A half life ~3days. Test E half life ~10days. Neither of these drugs has a noticeable overnight effect. Period. Besides that it takes weeks in most cases for your body to respond to respond to the changes and adjust.

In case you were wondering thats why we do PCT for a month or more. If shit worked the way it does in your head we could just stop using AAS and our body would immediately adjust. Raise our natural test production and go back to normal. That isn't how it works. Things don't shut down immediately or turn back on. It isn't a light switch.


lol @ 14lbs in the first week of the cycle! This guy and the idiot who claims to have added an inch to his arms in a week must be related


@Yogi You just have to laugh. Its all I can think of to do with these guys.

@ getbuffnow I'd also like know. If you say you can feel the Tren leaving your body the next day why would you feel nipple issues 2 days after the last injection? From what you say it should be gone by then and no more issues should be present. Especially since your body changes and compensates for the drugs you administered so quickly.


absolutely. I particularly liked where he said "I don't care what anyone says, I have huge balls"


Half Life: Ester dependant:

Trenbolone Acetate ~1 day
Trenbolone Enanthate, Hexahydrobenzlycarbonate, Cyclohexylmethylcarbonate - 5-6 days


Lol I said a month..


you want to see them? haha..


lmao maybe i just eat more food than you do haha.. i eat pretty clean chicken rice black beans broccoli. i eat 20#'s of chicken every two weeks. i gain weight fast. i can literally fluctuate ten lbs in a day. the odd part is when it sticks.


about 13% body fat. water weight of course i drink 2 gallons a day. you are going to see some water weight.


the funniest part about this. is T-Nation has plenty of articles saying they can put a half inch in one work out.