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Tren Gyno & Possible Pituitary Tumor

ended my cycle of 750mg test/250mg tren ace. mid cycle i got gyno so i bumped up letro. the end of my cycle was in march, was done pct in april. letro was used throughout the cycle and ramped up to 1mg daily for those who are curious (didn’t actually use any caber or bromo unfortunately)

now its july, and the gyno itself has gotten a shitload bigger. i got blood work done and everything was fine except for my prolactin levels which were 21ug/ml (3-14 in normal range, or at least the normal range listed on the paper). mind you, i didnt get the results back for my test yet, but im assuming i also have low test - im always tired, ect. proper PCT was used, nolvadex 40/40/20/20 i even did it for a 5th week at 20ed.

my problem is im getting the gyno removed surgically in 10 days and i havnt had a chance to get an MRI to see if its a tumor which is causing my prolactin levels to be high. assuming its a pituitary tumor, and i get my hands on bromo or caber and keep my prolactin low, will prolactin induced gyno re-grow happen even if prolactin is low due to the pituitary tumor?

am i worried for nothing or is it possible that my prolactin levels have stayed elevated due to the tren and low test? ether way, im getting that MRI.

also, if anyone knows any Canadian research chems sites that sell bromo/caber/dostinox please pm.

First off sorry to hear about this, I can’t even imagine what you are going through.

Your prolactin level is not in the usual range for a prolactinoma which would typically be much higher. Not impossible but unlikely.

I am curious to see how this turns out for you. I am also curious as to why prolactin is still elevated.

It seems more likely that it would be gyno caused by estrogen. Now the scary thing is your letro could have been bunk and also your nolva. I often worry about this myself. Where these research chems?

As far as getting research chems, wouldn’t your doctor prescribe some anti-prolactin meds for you?

Did you tell your doc about your steroid use?

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yeah my nolva and estro were research chems. but i had my e checked and it was 106 pmol/L, <73-172 pmol/L is written within normal ranges. i should have mentioned that i also did a statis taper on this cycle, 6 weeks dropping from 500mg/week too 100mg/week, then 6 weeks 100mg/week too 20mg/week, starting my nolva on the last 4 weeks - not a fan of tapering.

going to the doctor today to get the results of my test levels, will ask for a px for caber.

What didn’t you like about tapering? Just curious as I have no personal experience with it yet.

felt like it cut into recovery instead of making recovery easier.

anyways i got the other half of me test results back if anyone is curious.

Total Test
12.6 nmol/L (10-30 nmol/L normal range)

Free Test
312 pmol/L (223-915 pmol/L normal range)

26.0 nmol/L (12.0 - 46.0 nmol/L normal range)

3.63 nmol/L (0.9 3.9 nmol/L normal range)

ive been told by the doctor that its “impossible” to lower prolactin levels, and refused to give me a script of any sort… have an appoitment in 2 months with a endo, time to self medicate in the mean time.

I wonder if Bill Roberts would have anything to say about whether what you took was indeed trenbolone? Was it UGL tren or did you make it from pellets?

Haha impossible to lower prolactin levels, that fucker.

One other question for you. Are you taking any other prescription meds? Some can elevate prolactin and could be compounding your problem. You would hope your doctor would catch that but then again he thinks it is impossible to lower prolactin so you never know.

Self medicate and I hope your endo will give you good news when the next round of tests are run.