Posting my pictures on here because the content is steroid related. Haven’t been on Tmag much the last year but will be posting a lot more often now. So for those of you who don’t know me, you do now=0) As always, i’m experimenting with new stacks to see how they work. The pictures are a few days old and my last real cycle ended last August and have not used anything since then. Doing a 4 week cycle consisting of;

Trenbolone Acetate 100mgs ED
Dbol 50mgs ED
Methyl-1-test 20mgs ED
4-Test-Cypionate 400mgs EOD

The 4-test is by VPX sports and is being injected. Wanted to see how it compares to REAL test. Diet is clean, high in protein, dietary fats, and moderate in carbs. Doing Cardio 3-4 times a week as well. Testing to see what these compounds will affect most when stacked; Mass, muscle density(hardness), strength as well as overall feeling, recovery and side effects.

I’ve never used tren before, but next cycle for sure I’m getting some. Have you ever used the conversion kit?

BTW- Nice traps dude, shrugs are my fav exercise.

Looking really thick man, that’s a fantastic chest. Like many others out there, glad to have you posting again. Best of luck with the cycle

You just got my kids all wound up you freak. Now they want to know when you’re coming out here again. No more pillow fights. You almost killed the three year old last time. I don’t suppose you have every tried those conversion kits eh?

Conversion Kits?? I’m not into race cars, sorry. Hey RU12NVME, you’re kids remember huh?? Well we both know your wife hasn’t forgot=0) Anyhow…I’m going to post after pics as well when i’m done with this cycle. I never considered myself having big traps, because I don’t train them. But thanks for the positive comments. Here’s a full body pic to give you a better idea.

Lookin’ dense bro, you have the muscle maturity that only comes with time.

thats a lot of hard work we are looking at. nice work bro. incredible delts as well. i get alot of my cycle ideas from you. cant wait to hear how this one turns out.


So you like the M1-T, huh? You gonna give methyldienelone a shot anytime soon?

THICK! Awesome delts bro. What type of training regimen do you follow? I cannot wait to see a pic nearing the end of your cycle. Should be real interesting.

Tren-freak, do you plan on competing again any time soon?

you look like youve put on some serious lbm since the last time you posted pics. what are your stats?

bro, very nice work…

can you post some ‘before’ pics?


That’s the body I want! You are one thick hombre. You do seem to be larger than in your stage shots from a few months ago and last year.

TF!! Good to see ya around again.
Lookin good, but then all the pics Ive seen of you look good.

I’ve seen your cycles, seen your stats, etc. I don’t think you’ve ever posted your diet have you? Or maybe I missed it. Could you run us through an average day of your eating habits?

and the big dog returns… good to have you back again.

You are packing some serious size there. Your shoulders look twice as wide as your waist. And i agree your traps look big even if you don’t train them?!

looking great man. Physiques like yours are the reason that i feel i will eventually change to the dark side.

Hey Jaystyles, these are the “before” pics. I just started my cycle. As for M1T, I used it a few months ago for 5 weeks and gained a good 13lbs of LBM off JUST that. So I thought I’d see how it interacts with other anabolics. Right now, i’m alternating between lifting heavy and doing high intensity. I’m not really looking for too much more size…if any, just want to refine what I got and make it harder.

As for Bodybuilding shows, i’m thinking about doing 2 this summer if all goes well. Last year I had a really rough time because I could barely afford supplements and had very little to no gear for most of my training…but still managed to get 2nd=0)

Not exactly sure what my all around stats are, but I know the basics. 5’8.5, 202lbs right now, BF% is probably around 9% and I want to hit 5% before spring break. I don’t know any of my measurements because I have not taken any for a very long time. But yes, i’ve got quite a bit thicker since my show. I lose a lot during pre-contest. I’ll see if I can find some from my last show as a comparison…

Sorry these pics suck, but they’re the only ones I got from my last show…here’s another.