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Tren for Weight Loss?


To preface my comments i'd like to say I'm not currently or have been a juice and have nothing against people that do. Anyways more people are trying to lose weight than to gain muscle. There are tons of ads for miracle diet pills that are clearly a scam and some even toxic. My friend began using tren and he became ripped fairly quickly.

At least that's what he told me he took (can't confirm this) Anyways if someone wanted to lose a large amount of weight why not cycle tren and get lean and then slowly lay off it? There's a well known stigma associated with roids that once you get off them you lose all your gains. Does that mean the once obese man will quickly become a fat ass once again?


You would need to be aware of the risks you are undertaking.

Loss of intramuscular fluid in inevitable. Noobs mistake this for “gains”.

Loss of actual muscle tissue:

  • Failure to fully restore the HPTA

  • You can’t keep gains above your genetic limit.

Depends on what made him obese in the first place. If it is biological, of course he’s going to have a hard time staying lean. Bad eating habits, on the other hand, can be modified.


Tren will not make an obese person lean… pretty much the end of this thread.


You must be kidding! Heavy shut down, sides, and you are going to be a girl after the use. No, no… tren is not a fat burner, it has some properties mainly because of the androgenic factor. Lose fat with the diet, or, or… if you want to do it, do it right.

for fat loss, if you really accept the risks, do:

100mg tren ace/ EOD
100mg test prop/ EOD
HGH 2 to 5iu
ephedrin 40 to 60mg day
clen start with 2ml
t3 start with 50mcg and up to 150
t4 start with 200mcg

you’ll lose fat,

train HARD

diet!!! = low carb/ low fat/ high protein = eat clean!!!


how to tell if someones a douchebag: they use words like ‘‘roids’’ and ‘‘stack’’


Losing fat has to do with diet. Especially in the way you’re referring to. There is no miracle