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Tren for Nutrient Partitioning

Question y’all, I’m currently on a test/deca/mast cycle and am curious if I added a low dose of Tren A 25mg ED so 175mg a week would that be enough for the nutrient partitioning it provides?

Current cycle: 16 weeks
250mg test e
400mg deca
200mg mast e

So I was thinking week 6-16 adding the tren. I have done a test/tren/mast cycle so I know how I respond to tren. I’m currently taking P5P for prolactin but I do have caber on hand (hate that shit though). So any input is greatly appreciated. I do know both are 19-Nors so there is that. But I’ve never experienced the neurological sides associated. Depression, paranoia, anxiety etc.

What are your stats? Would they justify you running 4 compounds?


41 years old
12-14% BF

Had a dexa body scan back in November and it said I was 16% bf weighing in at 220. I have cut since then in my cruise down to 196. I have obviously gained a lil due to glycogen storages building since I started the new blast.

I also have proviron if I needed to use instead of mast e.

41… tren… no

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41, tren… no? Can you elaborate a little.

Even though it is possible to add, thats alot of compounds, also 41, how is your BP?

Wouldnt it be better to just drop the deca and just replace it with tren at that point, not both, Test/Tren/Mast is quite popular to finish up a cycle and clean up gains.

I mean it is not uncommon for guys to run those all together but the blood thickening and cholesterol dude… Unless you’re young and healthy inside, or really competitive, I would be careful, I would be sure to get everything checked and monitored.


Tren is a very harsh drug, the cardiovascular strain induced is fairly enormous… for a young individual, they may be able to get away with such harshness, at you’re age it seriously predisposes you to sudden cardiac death, myocardial infarction etc (these are risks even for young guys using tren, I can link numerous case reports)

You’d be better off using something milder

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Blood pressure fluctuates from 120s/60s to 140s/70s. BP hasn’t really ever been an issue for me. Cholesterol is normal, before I started gear I had low cholesterol and now it’s mid range. HDL is a little low and LDL is a little high. But even my family physician said that HDL and LDL is over played. Cholesterol as a whole and triglycerides are what’s important.

I have run test/tren/mast before at trt lvls 250mg test, 350mg tren,400mg mast e.

This cycle was when I was 40 lol

Thanks for the input unreal. I read a lot of your posts! Your like a walking WebMD. I get that it’s unhealthy, but is any gear really healthy? I mean I could die from what you mentioned from simple testosterone. Hell I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and die. It’s all a calculated risk for sure, at such a low dose will the effects on my system be as bad?

Sure all gear poses risk… however the risk of Tren is far greater than the risk of Testosterone.

How much damage are you willing to risk doing is the question?

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Yea that does make sense, I guess I should feel lucky I made it out of my tren cycle alive then. Guess I’ll drop the idea and stick to test, deca, EQ compounds when running blasts. Or is deca another I should be alarmed about?

It all comes down to risk vs reward and we are all different in that regard. When I started my AAS journey 3 years ago, I swore I would never run Tren. Just recently I found myself considering it strongly, however I have two young kids and FH, so it just wasn’t worth the risk. I’d love to see how I look on Tren though. I have decided that Test and Primo (maybe some proviron) will be the only drugs I really use going forward, if I even decide to use again.

I personally personally know very little about Deca, as again, it’s something I’ve never considered running, for different reasons. The Deca Dick stuff alone scares me enough to never try it. No amount of muscle is worth years of ED. Some folks run it with no issues, it sounds like you’ve ran it before and not had issues!

On a side note. You’re a few years older than me but same height and similar BF. I haven’t had the chance to get a Dexa Scan although I do plan to. Any chance you’d be willing to post a photo without the face just for BF gauge and reference? 220 and 16% is massive, in jealous. Having dropped 24lbs I would suspect you’re probably on the leaner end if your current estimate.

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Yes deca seems to work well with me. Deca dick has definitely not been there, but then again I’ve never went above 400mg per week. I have a buddy doing 800mg weekly and he hasn’t had an issue either. The only issue I’ve run into is deca seems to make me horny as fuck!

As far as tren with risk vs reward. I agree fully. I just finished a test/tren/mast kick started with 6 weeks of superdrol and had absolutely no issues. No heart palpitations, shortness of breathe, chest hurting, etc. granted I’m 41 and I don’t have the heart of a 30 year old but I do believe tren is overreacted to here in TNation. 90% of posts are scared to death of it and tell everyone no, no, no, your too old, too young, haven’t done 30 cycles yet. Blah blah blah. We are at the end of the day grown men that are capable of making decisions based on their own risks vs rewards. Hell for instance, I only asked a question that nobody would just answer. Instead it was answered with why I shouldn’t run tren.

Anyways my dude I will email you pics of you would like a reference. Just shoot me an email and I’ll reply.

I totally get what you’re saying, and that’s why everyone’s risk / reward is different and very personal. I will say, that just because you didn’t feel any heart type symptoms, doesn’t mean Tren has zero affect on your health. Thankfully it sounds like you ran it pretty short term, and you’re right, from the things I have read, more of the serious stuff seems to be prolonged use. For me personally though, that risk is too great. I also don’t believe i would maintain enough of the gains once off cycle to justify it.

My email is in my profile If you just click my name. I appreciate it man! I’m 5’10 and 191lbs. Would love to get my lazy ass to a dexa scan soon.

Fair enough, but no…

Not the case, trenbolone is an incredibly harsh drug used initially to bulk up cattle in the shortest period of time. I can link case reports to myocardial infarctions/cardiomyopathy developing secondary to tren usage in very young individuals. There was one case of a strongman (competitive) using grams of gear for a while asymptomatically, echo checked out etc… Uses 500mg Tren for 6 months… BAM, all of a sudden he has CHF, dilated cardiomyopathy, almost dies… coincidence that it only popped up when tren usage was initiated? Perhaps… but probably not

Put it this way, if I had the choice

A: Try tren at 500mg weekly for 12 weeks
B: Be forced to snort a couple/few lines of coke every Saturday for those twelve weeks WHILE on test/eq or something…

I’d chose option B… I say that confidently having never actually tried cocaine but being very knowledgable regarding the pharmacokinetics of the particular drugs we are talking about here

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Your knowledge is definitely unrivaled bro. Hell I haven’t even done tren at 500mg per week. The most I’ve ran is 350mg per week and the results were amazing to say the least. As far as coke goes… been there done that. For a very long time in my early 20s. I have a dark past to say the least that took a good woman and 2 great kids to change. (1 one the way) which goes to show tren only shuts certain people down :man_shrugging:.

The effects of tren varies from individual to individual, I can say that I had no problems running my tren cycle like 6 months ago. Not saying it hasn’t affected me negatively. Maybe it has maybe it hasn’t. There are individuals that’s can run grams of the harshest gear, drink and do recreational drugs and live till their 90.

All the studies are for prolonged use of tren and shows organs grams larger than normal. I’m sure there are cases where an individual tried it once and dropped dead. But that’s a risk of running gear. Hell I had a buddy die after snorting 1 line of meth because his heart couldn’t handle it. At the end of the day we are all different and our bodies respond differently. That being said will I do another tren cycle? I don’t know, lord knows the wife will not be happy lol. Plus beings we have another on the way I don’t want to end up the jackests Dude in the cemetery. I honestly just was curious how much it would take to gain the nutrient partitioning aspect associated with tren.


Very true, I appear to have these genetics based on prior family members experiences (grandmother smoked heavily for 30+ years, is now 95)

Adrenergic storm or arrythmia induced? Regardless, I’m sorry for you’re loss.

Anabolic steroid usage in general (correlation is controversially debated, however I’m a firm believe prolonged heavy usage induces this) tends to enlarge the heart within a delerious fashion, however these studies don’t discriminate based upon AAS type, it’s very possible the majority of damage stems from the usage of harsher compounds etc.

Other organs that can be structurally altered from AAS include

  • brain
  • kidneys
  • liver

and more

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Thanks brother! The wife was like “let’s have another“ and I was like “ok” thinking I couldn’t get her pregnant anymore lol. Well that wasn’t the case. We actually go for the first 8 week appt tomorrow to hear the heartbeat.

Was arrhythmia induced, he already had an irregular heartbeat and that just sent him over the edge.

I also agree with this bud! That’s why no matter what I cycle I will try to keep all compounds under 1g total. The blast I’m currently on is only 850mg weekly. I will never run grams upon grams during a blast. That is definitely not worth the risk. I also won’t be running cycles for tons of years. I figure I will just finish off what I’ve stocked up on which is deca, EQ. And call it quits. No more than 2 cycles a year either. Keep bulking with deca and use the EQ for cutting with Var. I do have quite a bit of tren ace, but again I don’t know if I’ll dust it off and use it or just trash it :man_shrugging:.


Congrats on having another on the way man!

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