Tren for First Time

Hey guys,

Im going to be doing tren for the 1st time next week. I had a look through past threads and couldnt find exactly what i was after.

What do you guys recommend dosing and timing wise? Am i better off doing 50mg a day of tren ace? Or use Tren E and split dose over 3 injections a week?

Thank for the help Lads.

Stats? We need stats and cycle history before anyone can make informed input.

I will say there seems to be less issues with the enanthate but the ace clears your system much quicker if there are issues. Beyond that I can’t say anything without knowing more about your cycle history.

Ahh my bad soz bro

Cycle history
12 weeks test e
12 weeks test e and EQ
12 weeks test e and deca and 6 weeks anadrol

86kg at 13% ish bodyfat training for 7 years

Help me out im confused. A year ago this was your Pic you look very young with no cycle experience. Now you have tons and your asking basic questions about tren?

Maybe give us a new Pic to help understand the progress you made

gday lads,

my brother who has been training for 6 years, is 70kg at 10% body fat wants to do his first cycle.

He wants to do

  • 500mg of test e 16 weeks
  • 400mg of EQ 16 weeks
  • 40mg dbol 6 weeks

I have told him that just the test E would be enough to blow up but he wants to get the most out of his first cycle… do any of you see any potential problems with the above? I dont think he needs 3 compounds for his first cycle but he will do what he wants too…

This is also your previous post from days ago. Bro what’s going on. This isn’t adding up


I dont know what’s up with you and your bro or if your the same person or what at this point it really doesn’t matter neither you or your brother has any idea what in the hell they are doing and neither of you should be using gear.


Dude, your avatar photo is not that of a 189lb 13% BF individual…

Lets cut the shit. You posted that Test EQ post for yourself, you got negative feedback on it because it was a dumb idea, and now you’re contemplating another cycle and want advice.

You know enough to know Test only first cycle should be done. But you also don’t look to be in shape based on your avatar photo to be running any type or AAS.

It just amazes me these days how kids like OP know more about steroids first than basic training and nutrition.

I really wish people would hammer into their head: GEAR makes gaining WEIGHT even HARDER. If you can’t eat enough as a natty, your shit out of look with gear.

This is why stuff becomes illegal. Some dumb ass kids get a hold of it.

If your testosterone levels are fine, why go and ruin that at such a young age with AAS? your skinny ass never lifted weights worth shit.

You are young with great natural hormone levels. Don’t be dumb and ruin that.

I started lifting weights at 14 years old. Got big and strong without any steroids what so ever. And didn’t know I had low testosterone levels until now. I built up to a 315lb bench press on what I estimate to be 415ng/dl I’ve been low since I was a kid.

Just lift and get plenty of protein before you really hurt yourself.

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