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Tren ? for a friend

A freind of mine (seriously not me) asked me what is a reasonable price for homemade tren 100 mg/10 ml. I personally wouldn’t take it but he wanted to know. Save smart ass remarks unless it’s completely impossible. Thanks.

It’s definately impossible (saving the remarks that is).

typically I see it going for 200bucks for 10ml, but I personally used to pay 175 for 30ml a yr ago.

Is it cheaper to make an injection, use it transdermally, or orally?

you can make two grams at home for less than 100$

Dog that’s pretty much what I said. Macaijah, thank for keeping your dicketry at bay.

i well known vet source has 10g boxes of pellets for $369. 10g conversion kits are about $40. theres your answer. oh, add shipping. 10g is about enough for 2 cycles.

When you say home made do you mean someone else has already made the Tren and is trying to sell it or do you mean your friend wants to make his own?

Personally i would not buy home made gear that somebody else made because I have no idea what could be in the vial, but that’s just me.