Tren for a Bulk Cycle?

What would be an efficient bulking cycle if we intend to use Tren? Of course, diet and training will be on point to reap the benefits of gear

Tren can be used for both bulk and cut , if this first cycle , i would stick with a test based cycle .
Any way everyday their is a first cycle thread thats why few respond.
Tren by itself not good idea.

your question is weird as fuck. I don’t really know what you’re asking. Are you asking for how much you should take? or what to combine it with?

I’ll share my thoughts on bulk cycles in general. Dbol, deca, and test are king. Period. I cannot gain weight on tren for the life of me. I look good on it, but my appetite goes to shit. If you want to bulk, in my opinion, take compounds that will help you retain fluid, and ones that will give you an appetite. A basic test/dbol cycle can often be the best way to add strength and size, particularly if bodyweight itself is not any concern.

I have trouble with my appetite when trying to bulk on Tren. I tend to use it more when I am in show prep. That shit is golden when trying to prep for a show. I was even able to gain muscle and keep size during my last prep. For bulking I like to stick with more test based compounds because they don’t fuck with my eating. If anything, I have more of an appetite. If this is your first cycle I strongly advise against running Tren. I was advised to do it so I am speaking from experience. It’s so hard on the body, so going from natty to pumping test and tren beat me up pretty bad. Now my body loves it and responds great to it (besides the appetite). As far as dosing, you have to figure out what works for you. Everybody responds differently. Don’t just run tren alone though.
good luck

tren is best used for cutting not bulking /thread