Tren for 2nd Cycle?

any1 used tren for their 2nd cycle or is it to soon

need more stats to go off of. ie: weight, height, age, work out exp. etc. Also what was your first cycle and how did that go for you?

too soon my friend some say 3 id say more like 5. a second cycle (assuming first cycle was test only) would be set up like…

tren can be rough on recovery… i’d say thats the thing you need to look at and make the decision… tren is a miracle worker.

If you know what you are doing there is no rule set in stone that you cannot use Tren for a second cycle. Hell you could even use it for a first cycle if you knew what you were doing.
Most people recommend not doing it for first cycle because usually the individial dose not have enough knowledge to know what to do if side effects should present themselves or if recovery fails.