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Tren Experience So Far (Sides...)

Whatsup Guys,

So just a quick insight I have 3 Test E cycles under my belt all very moderate (500mg/week pinning twice) and decided I’d try Tren Ace out. I’m ONLY two weeks in.

Current cycle:

100 Mg Test E Tues/Friday
30 mg Tren Ace ED
.25mg Prami ED (Before Bed)

Diet consists of clean complex cards/meats etc… I’m currently eating 300-400 calories above my caloric maintenance and am VERY strict about it.

Routine - Cookie Cutter Muscle Hypertrophy routine 6 days a week.

So far -


  • My weight has gone up 9 pounds in two weeks and my body fat has literally and noticeably dropped it’s literally jaw dropping and I wasn’t expecting it at such a low dose.

  • Libido is through the god damn roof

  • I’m extremely hungry

  • My strength has gone up so fast in two weeks I have to keep from using higher weights quickly as to avoid any injuries. I added 20 pounds to my bench just to give you an idea which is crazy to me.

  • Vascularity has increased significantly

Now this is what I really need to talk about because maybe tren is not for me:


  • Heart Burn

  • Night sweats but not so much insomnia

  • Anxiety

  • When I don’t eat I feel like I’m having a panic attack (hypoglycemia?)

  • Slight headache sometimes

  • Uneasiness

  • Moody as in I feel almost selfish and aggressive although I don’t snap or anything - I’m VERY level headed.

I’m confused as the dose I am doing (210mg a week) is quite low and the side effects are apparent. Is it overdosed? It’s from a reputable source…

I’m wondering if I should cut down to 20mg a day just to see how it goes - I’m sure gains will still be apparent because at 30 mg it is ridiculous just two weeks in how superior it is to test e…

Do you guys have experience with these sides?

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I would up your test dose personally. 500/200 would be pretty mild still. I’m pleased to hear your having such good results with only 410mg combined weekly!! 9lbs is pretty solid. The sides get better with time. and it doesn’t sound like your having terrible sides. For night sweats buy a fan to keep you cool they are almost unavoidable. If you haven’t had shortness of breath yet your lucky. Very lucky that shit can be scary sometimes. And after about 4-5 weeks when lethargy sets in. it’s only a matter of time before you can’t take it anymore and toss the Tren.

For me the only major side effects are the shortness of breath which gets better with time, and the lethargy, severe lethargy after about 5 weeks

Only thing that works for me to combat sides is use caber and use a higher test doseage. Either a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio. I have yet to try low test high Tren. Don’t think I will hop on that band wagon

Yeah I do get the shortness of breath even when lifting have to take longer in between sets.

I’m also having Horribly vivid dreams consisting of my ex and it’s really really messing with my head when I wake up lol

I want to keep the test low to fully experience the Tren. I cannot believe how different my body looks at such a low dose but then again 210 mg of tren ace is equated to 1g of test if we were to correlate the 5:1 ratio.

I dropped the prami down to .125mg last night and I actually feel LESS anxiety this morning I really think the prami is the culprit.

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Like i said man, most people can only run Tren for as long as they can handle it. I feel you with the dreams though. That shit is fucking weird. Again man the only thing i can suggest is to slowly bring up your test doseage and see if you start to feel a little better. But Tren sides are Tren sides. Whether from 200mg or 700mg

I definitely felt the hypoglycemia when on tren. Night sweats were horrible. My wife said my sweat smelled like sugar!! I also got more agressive than normal. So much to the point that my wife asked me to stop.

But you are right, tren is an amazing drug and gives amazing results but it comes with a price. If I were single, I’d be on tren right now.

I had the same problem when I first tried tren. After ceasing the use after 3 weeks I read more about the ratio like he’s talking about above and that seems to make a huge difference. All of the kids I know that run high doses of tren use xanax regularly to combat the sides. I’m currently dieting with about 250mg test e, 450mast, 250NPP and not even using Ais regularly because no water retention and mast seems to be doing its job. Can’t wait to see how this cycle goes though

No one believed me when I said my sweat smelled weird. Funny story, a kid I knew was desperate for money and sold me tren as test and I ended up running tren only for about 2 weeks when I knew something was totally off… an old BBer at my gym came next to me, sniffed, and said “running tren again huh?” I said i was suspect that the test I got was relabeled bc the kid needed money and he told me he could smell it, sure enough the kid admitted it lol

The colour difference of clear test and rusty yellow tren should have been a good indication you were supposedly being mugged off.

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Dumb kid. Tren is worth twice the price of test. Must have been real despirate for cash.

i love tren, ran it up to 1000 every week and had some insane tongue cramps… felt like my neck got karate chopped by a ninja turtle, and climbing up the steps at my place… buttcheeks were sweaty asf…

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I’m running tren e 600 with test e 600, this is the weekly total, and pin sun and wed… the only sides so far have been a little sweaty at night but nothing crazy. But those dreams, man. Lately they have all been about my first couple girl friends. Craziness. Esp sun and wed nights. A little sleeplessness but then I’ll crash one afternoon a week and sleep till the morning. I’m in week 3… should I expect more sides or am I one of the lucky ones??

After 3 weeks, I think you are good. No crazy appetite? Blood sugar drops when hungry? And not soaking wet sheets when you wake up? You are lucky!

I am always eating. Big. I recover super fast after workout. And I’m always aggressive. Not bad sides:)

Tren is typically more expensive then test…not sure why somebody would pass tren
off as test…

Tren is amazing!! but yea the sides can be tough to some people. Personally my biggest issue is how bad it suppresses my appetite. I never get hungry when running tren, so I’m force feeding. I also get the night sweats and some pretty shitty insomnia. Cramps can be an issue throughout the cycle. Aggression isn’t an issue, luckily. My girl loves/hates when I run tren because I’m constantly trying to smash haha. I think tren is one of the drugs where you really have to decide if the results are worth the side effects you are getting. It varies from person to person. I think it’s well worth the sides

ya my biggest downside to tren was my lack of appetite. I know i need to eat so much more but its hard. im doing 500 test e and 750 tren per week eod soo towards the end of my last weekly pin my appetite skyrockets

Have you tried lowering the tren teen and adding in Eq for appetite. Mk677 makes me really hungry. Also ravenous from project ad does as well

I also felt like I couldn’t eat enough, although, I had to watch how much I ate since I’m a fat ass. Granted, I did eat quite “clean” and it’s hard to eat a lot of calories that way. Can’t wait to do it again.

I am really sensative to tren myself. I cant gain shit on 400mg or more ew. Cant eat on it and get all the sides. But recently tried adding just 200mg ew. It now will be a staple in every cycle! I was amazed how little you need to get something out of it. I still get some indigestion but its manageable and i can eat.

Sorry to just kind of jump in but I’m a little curious on how to stack this I’ve been taking 500mg of test E a week for a while and I’m enjoying it quite a bit I recently picked up tren E 200mg and was wondering what was a recommended dosage of the two together. I’m a complete newb just trying to become a bit more educated. Thanks in advance!