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Tren & EQ Cycle Advice!

well… quick stats 25yrs, 315 lbs, 6’4" and currently at 15% BF…

i would like to do my frist cycle over this christmass holiday. i am a powerlifter/strongman so what i was condsidering was somthing like this…

i am not looking to get huge big gorilla status over night… but would like some nice more long term gains.

but i would also like to drop some BF… i have been cleaning up my diet and that is helping not completly down yet but on its way

So… i was thinking of stacking somthing like EQ (Boldo.) with Tren.

reasons the tren from what i understand although harsh is one of the best for lean muscle gains… and the EQ is also good for lean gains and slow long term ones as well… i was going to go a 6 or 11 week cycle…

i guess my questions are as follows?

  1. What sort of dosage do you all think would be best.?
  2. Cycle length? and follow up?

and 3. best post cycle, is there anything i can take to help with some side effects while on cycle?

I don’t like the notion of running 2 19-nors and no test.

Drop either the eq, or the tren and add some test.

SInce this is your first cycle - you are going to see gains no matter what you use. I would recommend either test E and EQ - or just 500-600mg Test E for the 11 weeks.

Like rainjack said, run either one or the other with some test. The results would be much better. I have no personal experience with EQ, but I’ve run tren before. Given your goals: get stronger and leaner, tren will get you there.

When I took tren I ate everything in sight and got big, strong, and a bit leaner. I’ve heard good things about EQ though, but can’t comment. As far as PCT or auxillary drugs to be taken with tren (not sure about EQ), you can find that with a quick search. BTW, you’re already a big mofo! You’ll be a beast after a cycle.

Hahahah Thank you…

so you are all reccomending i do some test with tren? is that the general thought?

run that out for 11 weeks?

So that is cool thank you very much… but as for Post cycle assuming i choose 11 wks of Tren/Test E .

what should i use for PCT is clomid sufficient? if not what should i use.

and would it be worth it starting clomid sooner like mid cycle? is there any negative effects if this is done? thank you for your help everyone!