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Prefer Bill,Tren-Freak, Rainbow,All. Cycle critique.
week 1:tren50/day, eq: 300mg, androstenediol 400mg/day, M 3/day, nolva 10mg/day.
week 2: tren 75/day, eq: 300mg, an. 300mg/day, M/3/day, nolva 10/mg/day.
week3: tren: 75/day,eq: 300mg,an. 3/day,M/3/day, nolva: 10/day.
week 4: tren: 75/day,eq: 300mg,an. 3/day, m/3/day, nolva/10/day.
week5; tren: 75/day,eq: 300mg,an. 3/day, M/3/day, nolva: 10/day.
week6: tren: 75/day,an. 3/day, M/3/day, nolva: 10/day.
week7: tribex: 5/day,vitex/day.
week8: tribex: 5/day,vitex/day.
week9: tribex: 5/day,vitex/day.


Honestly, andro is sh*t in my opinion.
It has more estrogen conversion than testosterone and will just add side-effects.

The M is also a waste during cycle, save it for after with Nolva during.
Add some real test to this cycle, Tribex will NOT do anything during, but will help recovery…

The proposal of using andro and Tribex is foolish with tren and eq. Add some test and winny, throw the andro in the garbage, and use the Tribex after.