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tren enanthate

wtf is going on? the guys over on meso are jerking off over tren enanthate. are these guys just blowing smoke or what? have any reliable bro’s around here seen, heard, or touched this product?

I have heard about it

I know the raw material is expensive…so expensive that most suppliers who try to sell it have no luck. People would rather have ED injections over paying the price.

i dont give a shit about it. i actually prefer the battle scars from ed injections. makes me feel more hardcore!

Haven’t heard of it, but ED is the way to go, like P-dog says!

I hear it does exists. The price is not that outrageous IF you are doing your own in small qtys. Compared to test it is very expensive. Of course we are speaking of it being in it’s raw powder form. I am also seeing something called Tren Hexabenzocarbonate, whatever the fuck that is. The legitamacy of it would have to be tested. I wonder how you would get something like raw powders tested for legitamacy. Most of this stuff comes out of China and they will make whatever there is a demand for.

They just came out with trenbolone hexahydrobencylcarbonate, same as the old Parabolan, here in Thailand. Made locally. Expensive as hell, a 76 Mg vile (1,5 Ml) costs 600 Baht (16 $US).