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Tren Enanthate, Stanzolol and ?


I am going to run a lean bulk/cutting cycle.

I will be running:

50mg tab Stanzolol ED (1-6wks)
1ml Trenbolone Enanthate per week (double strength tren 200) (1-10wks)

I need to add a test, otherwise my natural test will be completely shut down but not sure what test to take? Am prone to gyno but only on high dosages.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I am 22, have been training for 6 years. Weigh 200lbs at 11% bf.

This will now be my 4th cycle.

Also taking: ZMA, LIV-52, Multi-vits, NO-Xplode and whey isolate. My diet is pretty spot on.


4th cycle and you are not sure 'what test' to take? Hmmm.
Research test to tren ratio and prolactin-induced gyno.
If you are using tren E I would use test E with it.


If you add a test then will your natural test not be shut down?
Wow thats something new to me, I was worried about my natural test shutting down on my next cycle but if I add a test I'll be fine, sorted!


Singhbuilder.. I just wanted some advice on which test to run with it that would work well.. I.e test cyprionate, enanthate etc.

And i have to apologise, i did not mean my natural test will not be shut down on a test cycle. What i meant was tren and winny effect libido and ability to get a hard-on (similar to deca dick) and i definately do not want this.. I have also got hcg and clomid for pct. Do you think that would be sufficient pct for my course?

There is so much crap on forums, where information is completely different when reffering to the same thing.


Firstly, most people on here will say you are too young but thats up to you.
hCG should be used on-cycle not during PCT.
I would start the hCG after 2 or 3 days since winny will kick in straight away, someone can correct me on this if I am wrong. I am thinking you will get suppressed straight away from the winny, but if not then you can start hCG week 2 when the enanthate esters are in full flow.

I was shutdown like a grandad from tren and it took me a good 9 months to recover, a full 4-5 months before seeing any sort of recovery.
I would use Tren Acetate to assess your tolerance first unless you have already used it.


How about this?

Trenbolone enanthate (wks 1-10) @ 200mg per week.
Test enanthate (wks 1-10) @ 200mg per week.
Winstrol (wks 1-6) @ 50mg ED.
Arimidex to be run throughout the cycle to combat any estrogen/progestorone sides.
HCG 250iu per week (wks 1-10) to keep my boys happy.

For PCT i am going to run Clomid 2 weeks after last injection at:
100mg per day wk 1
75mg per day wk 2
50mg per day wk 3

I have done winny before and not experienced any shut down, but have added the hcg throughout the course to keep everything downstairs working..

I have tried tren Ace before, but i really dont like sticking myself with a pin everyday.

Does this seem alright? I am still not sure my PCT is correct. Also i know the test is a little low (have read 5/3 ratio) but i don't want to add too much test into the cycle. Is there anything you would add/change?

May i ask, what pct did you run? 9 months is a hell of a long time to fully recover..... That has me a little worried!


Whats the point of your sarcastic tone here?

You certainly havent earned it.

It is obvious what the OP is trying to say in the quoted text, even if it isnt worded as clear as you seem to demand.

Save the flaming for the trolls.


It may be obvious to YOU what he was trying to say but from what he wrote it said that if he added exogenous test his own test will not be shutdown.
Save your posts for saying something useful or to help the OP.


If you are ok with tren then I would increase the doseage abit.
What dose of the Adex are you taking?
Do the hCG 250iu 2x per week, and I dont really like using clomid I use nolva at the usual 40/40/20/20 but sometimes run it longer then 4 weeks if I feel I need it.


so you think i should do 2 x 1ml a week of the tren.

So that would be 400mg of tren E, and 200mg test E per week?

I will be taking .5mg ED of Adex. I think that should be sufficient, but if i notice anything i can always up the dosages to 1mg.

Ok, i have been looking up on hcg a little further and 250iu 2x per week seems like the norm. Thank you.

I will stick with Clomid, as i know it works for me. Plus i have quite a bit spare from last course, but i will run it at 4 weeks instead of 3.

Appreciate the help


Are you playing games? Or are you ignorant?

You must be intentionally reading what he wrote in a strange way.

There is a comma there. It's plain english.

The other androgens will shutdown his testosterone production. If he doesnt provide a source of T, there will be none in his body. Hence his desire to supplement it.

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