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Tren Enan vs Ace?


I was wondering if anyone has seen less sides using tren enanthate vs tren ace. Last time I messed with tren I was using ace and I had sore nipples within the first week. My cycle was 750mg testE and 150mg TrenA EOD. I got rid of all sides using exemestane and later toremifene on PCT but I am looking for an injectable of comparable strength without the sides or the pain in the ass of injecting every day.

I was thinking instead of the ace I could simply use the E at 2ccs a week with 3ccs test and add in exemestane from the start to keep E low. Any opinions?

  1. nothing compares to tren imo
  2. what the hell is with people saying how many "cc" they want to inject, all you have to do is simply look on the vial and look at the dosage and tell us that so we know what you are talking about.


750mg of test 400mg tren enan


It sounds like you are attributing the sore nipples to the tren. While you were running 750mg of test. Why in the world do you think the tren was responsible?

If you dont want to inject everyday use tren E, it'll be fine. If you get side effects such as insomnia it will take longer for them to go away.

Using more tren than test usually yields fewer side effects. Run a search on this.


I think it was the Tren because I used over a gram of test before with no problems and also the enanthate ester barely had any time to kick it before they got sore


Are you sure it was tren? maybe NPP


Yeah it was Tren A for sure. The only other thing I could think of was because I started that cycle right after 4 weeks PCT so maybe my body was more sensitive to the sudden increase in estrogen from the aromatization but I think it was prob. the tren.