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Tren: ED or EOD, Your Expericence.


I am planning on running Tren Ace on my next cycle.
Test E 500mg/Week: 12 Weeks
Tren A 75mg EOD: Weeks 3-12

I would just like to hear from everyone else on how you ran Tren A. Did you do ED or EOD injections? What were your expericences, sides, gains, etc. What do you recommend and why? I have been going back and forth between 75mg EOD or 50mg ED.



First off your dosages do not even compare.. 50mg ED and 75mg EOD are different doses.

Anyway, i use it ED as i choose it ingest all my AAS in a more frequent rather than less frequent manner. It is known (it is common sense actually once one understands a little about how they work) that if you have a higher dose less frequently, then you will have a higher level of fluctuation - which will mean more side effects. Less injected frequently is the best to go.

I inject Tren daily as i said, and it is highly tolerable - even in higher doses (above 350mg IMO).

Gains will be the same either way. There isn't anything to decide. If you have nothing standing in the way of daily injections (and most only say they do due to anxiety) then do it daily. If you truly need to inject EOD then do that. But be warned that in my experiences with Trenbolone, the kidney 'issues' (red urine and pain) have always come to those using higher doses in less frequent injections...


Great advice!

I really have nothing in the way of injecting ED. I just want to make sure before I start I have iron'd out all the details. I have been back and forth between Tren A and Enanthate. I have decided on Tren A to minimize and controll sides better. Plus this is my first time running Tren and I want to see how I react to it. As far as Estrogen sides I am not prone to them. I have ran Test up to 750mg/week with no sides.

As for Tren I am going to have to see how I am as far as the Progesterone and Prolactin. I have Caber on hand just in case.

I want to keep my blood levels from fluctuation as much as possible; like you said to minimize sides.

Thanks for your input!


Brook, mate... in a three day injection parameter, 50mg ED or 75mg EOD, it adds up to 150mg total over three days. His dosage is correct.

You can only offer anecdotal evidence when you spoke of more sides during higher internal concentration fluctuations of exogenous testosterone. What's more, my own experience would suggest this is bunk.

You are right, gains will be the same regardless of ED or EOD - again, based on my own anecdotal evidence.

Even with eight injection sites, ED injects eventually lead to scar tissue formation, given a series of cycles that span years. This leads me to suggest less pinning is better overall.

My trenbolone never gave me red urine, regardless of shooting 75 mg EOD or 50 mg ED. Insomnia, sweats and temper issues, but not red piss and "pain."

OP, I would suggest you do two cycles of the sweet nectar called trenbolone. One four week cycle pinning ED, another cycle pinning EOD spaced between PCT and some time off. Compare your sides and gains and whatnot - and decide which is best for you. Cheers.


I have no experience injecting tren ace anything other than ED. However, I can definitively say that I have never suffered from any of the horrendous side effects you often hear attributed to tren, and have happily reaped the benefits of its very powerful primary "effects."

Some sweaty bedsheets, a bit of insomnia that diminishes after over a couple of weeks, and unbelievable strength, fat loss, hardening, vascularity, and some added size when coupled with test.

I'll never shoot an ace ester (or a prop ester, for that matter) anything less than ED.


What are you attempting to imply with this 3 day injection parameter BS?
50mg/day = 350mg/wk
75mg EOD = 262.5mg/wk
Simple math my friend.

Brook also mention that the adverse sides were due to a higher dosage and not just the fact of EOD injections.

Ive personally tried both ED and EOD injection patterns with tren ace and the side are much less with ED injections with the same total dosage per week. Rotating through 6 site with ED injections was not a problem at all.


Yeah, over 3 damn days it's the same (50-50-50 = 75-0-75.) But not over X days, as in any extended number of days beyond that particular, minimal time frame that you cited!

Consider even 10 days... 50 mg /day is 500 mg total, 75 mg eod... 375 mg. The gap in total dosage between the two will continue to magnify as the cycle gets longer.

edit - oops, lilguy's post wasn't showing when I started typing.


No, you are wrong - but this has been pointed out already, so i won't repeat.

Correct, as i personally have not read many medical studies on Trenbolone dosing protocols - funny that.
I can only advise on what i have experienced, what i have read others have experienced, what i have witnessed others experienced and what i know about how AAS work and by what mode the side effects (mentioned) are increased. Thats all.

Assuming that someone shoots an Enanthate ester twice a week in two sites (1 muscle bi-laterally) -
Lets... Do the math:
42 injections (1 shot per day over 6 weeks [42 days]) divided by 8 sites (thats just 4 sites bilaterally), equals 5.25 shots per site.
12 shots (2 shots per week over 6 weeks) divided by 2 sites (1 muscle split left and right) is 6 shots per muscle.

According to my maths.. the difference in scar tissue buildup is really quite negligible.

I didn't say that IME Trenbolone at 75mg EOD WILL result in 'red piss or pain' did i? Noope.
However if you took my advice you might find a drop in the temper issues you (and now i, due to your faulty attitude) suffer.





Just to put the finishing touch on the dosing, let me again turn to mathematics:

42days x 75mg/2(EOD) = 1575mg total
42days x 50mg(ED) = 2100mg total



I'll offer my anecdotal evidence as well. I've run multiple cycles that included tren ace, both EOD and ED. Noticeably fewer / milder sides when running ED compared to EOD.



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