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Tren E


started the tren e portion of my cycle 2 weeks ago.... when should side effects show if they are?



Tomorrow, 3 p.m.


lol thats funny

Week 4 of tren e myself 0 sides so far. Feel warm all the time but thats it


hate you so much :stuck_out_tongue:


3 1/2 weeks in, same thing.


i can tell the tren e is finally hitting... im hitting some good lifts almost every week. fucking sick.

just to spout off a few. im 6'1" at 233-235lbs (naked morning weight after a piss and/or shit, lol)

Deadlift -455x7
close grip bench - 265x5
incline bench - 275 x 7

those where the past few days... have the others wrote down but plan on demolishing old PR's this coming week.


Side effects from steroids are not really like what you typically haer from other medical drugs. What I mean is, some pain killers they say will cause upset stomach if taken without food or itchy skin, whatever. That happens rather quick.

Steroid side effects like insomnia, high bp, prostate hypertrophy are a product of cumulative effects of the doses. Its based on individual tolerance to a specific dose. Meaning, sides may show up at any time and will likely gradually increase before leveling off.


the major side effect that im hating right now is my raging sex drive.... im actually pretty bothered by it... its never, ever been this bad... bad enough that when im fucking, im thinking about when im gonna fuck again.


Not every1 has sides with tren E, but my mate told me he had lots of night sweats, stinking and more agression.

Tren is called the king, but I'm not a big fan due to the many sides. Maybe in the future I'll try Tren Ace so I can bail out when the sides get too strong.


So you've never even taken it, but you don't like it because of the sides...that you've also never experienced. COOL STORY, BRO.


Obviously he's used tren e. But not tren a.

learn to read good


I've tried Tren E once and I didn't like sweating all day long. If I get sides from Ace and I don't like them, it'll leave my body faster that the Tren E shit. I'll run the Test Prop on TRT dosage as stated many times on this forum.

How about that BRAH


fwiw I found the sides to be next to none with high tren and low test.

the tren Enth seems to have less sides then the ace as well


Oh OBVIOUSLY? Show me in his post where he said he had actually used it before and wasn't regurgitating shit he read elsewhere- because that's exactly what it sounded like. Take your own advice, manlet.


Dont take out your illiteracy-fueled-rage on me. It's pretty clear what he wrote. Im just telling you that you need to have good reading comprehension if youre going to to be so quick to slam people. Otherwise you look like an idiot...


To assume that somoene is talking about their dislike for side effects theyve never experienced is a far bigger stretch than assuming that someone is talking about side effects that they HAVE experienced.

It must suck to have your verbal skills brah


i've been running test and tren at 1:1 ratio... im fucking loving it. much better for strength than dbol. although acne did decide to show up not sure if its from extended use of Test or the new compound, tren.

either way lifts are responding very, very well. i cant wait to try test, dbol and tren together....

other than acne and muscle cramps and a raging sex drive, things are good.


What dosages are you running? I ran 1:3 tren to test and got a lil insomnia n some night sweats. Besides that loveeee tren