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Tren E Without Hcg and Test

Hi everyone.I am planning to cycle only 400mg tren ent a week but unfortunately l ll have no hcg. So, can you guess how much time after l will be able to recover completely?I ll use ony aromasin for pct and cabergoline during/after cycle.

Tren with no test?


Good luck

Wow. this is one of the worst cycles I’ve ever seen.

you need more tren i think for this to work, try 1 gram tren

Guys tren is enough androgenic to meet the needs like libido or good mood.Can you explain why I need test with tren?Also I believe that test makes tren weaker because it acts like antiandrogen while cycling in the body with tren.Think about anti androgens.They bind to androgen receptors weaker and block test to bind them.While cycling with tren, testosterone leaves tren less receptors so it makes tren less effective.

First of all, people vastly underestimate how many androgen receptors there are in the male body, it is virtually impossible unless you are on an insane amount of gear to occupy them all.
Also this cycle is very stupid for another reason, it doesn’t matter how androgenic tren is, where the fuck are you going to get estrogen. Without exogenous test, and the tren will completely stop your own production of test, how is your body going to make estrogen? there’s nothing to aromatize. Forget how androgenic it is, having no estrogen is not only bad for gains, but no amount of androgenic activity is going to help your mood and libido if you crash your e2. Also, being a 19-nor, tren does not fulfill all of the physiological functions of testosterone.

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