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Tren-E/Winni/Prov Cycle PCT I Know I Know...Test

Hey guys, I am 28 6’4" 220 pounds and currently doing a 8 week Tren-E, Winstrol (not oral) and proviron cycle. Now i know most of you would push test in these situations but my goal isnt to bulk as much as shed weight. I have read countless forums and info and some swear by the tren only cycles for cuts and rapid weight loss. I figured i would run the proviron instead of test so i run more off my own test as much as possible. I am starting HCG at 500IU a week mid cycle.

So far, i have gained muscle mass and my muscles are rock hard. I have lost a good amount of my weight but not as much as i would have liked so far but then again, sometimes im not awesome at dieting. SO i blame myself haha. Anyway, before i got my cycle, i read so many forums of people saying everything as far as PCT. I heared hcg only at extreme IUs at the very end of the cycle (something like 1000-2500ius, i have heard clomid or nolva (then heard never take Nolva after Tren, i have heared of people just continuing their proviron after for pct until they feel they stabalized and then i have heard people say they didnt do anything and were fine.

Reading all this, i ended up geting prety much every form of PCT known to man because this is a first time Tren run for me. I just wanted to know a solid answer as to what someone should REALLY do after a cycle like this. I have all the stuff, i just dont want to mess this up. ANy input would be great. Thanks in advance.