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Tren E + Test P Cycle

Hello all,

Looking for some “seasoned” advise for my first Tren E cycle. Let me start by saying I’m no beginner to AAS. I understand how powerful Tren is, and I’m ready to take on its wrath. I’ve done multiple cycles running Test/dbol, test/deca, and test by itself. I’ve had great results with all, just looking to step up my game.

I’m dabbling with the idea of running 150mg a week of Tren E and 300mg a week Test P for 8 weeks.

And yes, I understand the differences in ethers with Tren E and Test P. I know you usually should run short with short and long with long. Unfortunately that’s what was available to me.

Any advise if much appreciated, and for real, the bashing and unproductive comments and be let out. Thanks all

I think the whole matching of esters thing can be seen as less of a rule and more of a guideline. Guys run test e and NPP together all the time. Ditto test e and deca, or EQ. Guys run test c and mast prop, too. If you know what you’re doing there’s no reason why it should be an issue for you. Additionally, if all you can get your hands on is these two compounds with those esters then you use the weapon at hand. I don’t see it being a problem at all.

Awesome, thanks for the feedback!

My thought is 8 weeks is pretty short for anything attached to enanthate.

150mg per week seems low however given all the factors I think it’s a smarter choice. If you run into issues it takes a while to clear the system so you are keeping it low, it’s your first dance so to say and it’s strong so if 150 gets you what you want then why use more.

Are you getting ampules of the tren? Just trying to figure out why 8 weeks times 150 mgs? I have seen blends of tren at 150mg per cc but they were 10cc bottles. Usually tren e is 200mgs per cc in a 10cc bottle.

I have two 10ml bottles at 150mg/ml. I got 150 just from a pure experimental aspect as I do not know how my body will react to it. Just figured I’d start with a lower, more safe dose.

If you do not run into any issues then I would finish the bottle and make the total tren run 10 week’s.

I forgot this part earlier. With the mixing of esters I would definitely run the test two weeks past the tren. With enanthate you usually wait two weeks to start PCT, something short like propionate or acetate you can wait a couple of days then start the PCT. I don’t think it would damage you to stop both at the same time and wait two weeks then PCT but I bet you would be feeling it.

10-4 my friend. Thanks for the input