Tren E/Test E/EQ Cycle Advice

Hello Guys, first time posting so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’ve seen a few threads about this but all mixed responses so just seeing if I can get some direct advice.

Start off with, I’m 5,9, 80kgs, I have done a few courses before generally test e at 600mg a week and eq at 500mg a week, and had some nice results but I want to up it now as never tried tren.

So cycle I’m thinking of is. (Per week, two shots)

1-16 Test E 600mg
1-16 Tren E 200mg
1-16 Eq 500mg
1-4 Dbol
10-16 Anavar

Pct is already good to go with tamoxifen, clomid and HGC.

Any other advice on AI, and T3 as I’ve heard that helps with some suppression’s aswell, that Would be appreciated too.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond :+1:t2:

That’s a big cycle. My guess is that you would gain plenty with a simpler cycle since you weigh 80kg.

Can you post a pic? I’d love to see what you look like at this point having run those previous cycles since we are similar size.

Hello dextermorgan

Hello mnben 87 yeah I’ve done this cycle before but lower dosages without the added tren and put a fair bit of size on.

So just wanted abit more of a mass gainer with the tren

Tren is really shit for gaining mass. Some people will disagree, but most wont be able to gain big on it. Provided you have a pretty tight diet (pretty tight, not contest prep tight), tren will quickly shred you up. Its stupid how well it works without having to majorly tweak your diet or go into full bodybuilding prep-diet mode. Depending on your dosages, tren will literally shuttle every calorie you take in, into muscle. Meaning, you gain more muscle while forcing your body to get rid of the extra fat. Total re-composition.

I’m almost tempted to use tren… just prove you wrong at this point lol because I know the “tren isn’t good for size” isn’t true. Let’s ask @zeek1414, @Singhbuilder and @thehebrewhero . Do you guys gain mass on tren?

If insulin sensitivity, diet and training are on point you’ll gain pure, dense lean mass… and proportionally quite a bit more on tren vs test mg/mg

But I’m not that immature, and my lifestyle is horrific at the moment (on holiday, it’ll go back to normal when I re arrive in Aus) but adding tren right after a solid month and a half of acting like an idiot would be disasterous… and I vowed to never use tren because the risks far outweigh the benefits for my scenario. Another aspect is… for me to have these episodes of stupidity on holiday, even occasionally, can’t be using gear in my off time, it’s a recipie for sudden cardiac death at a young age. Using high doses of gear or harsh compounds in general typically instigates the user live an impeccable lifestyle, and even then there’s a set point where it cancels out, as no amount of good lifestyle can negate the deleterious effect say a combined blast of sdrol + anadrol + tren + mast + test + EQ + gh + insulin would have

The reason you’re recompig without trying is… like I’ve said again and again, you’re dose. Use 5000milligrams of drostanolone per week and you’ll see the same result (perhaps even better)… but don’t because not only is that moronic (about the equivalent of 900mg tren weekly), it’d cut up you’re bank account going through 5 vials weekly

And at such a dose you’d be risking seriously painful muscle cramps, benign prostatic hyperplasia, seriously seriously seriously fucked up lipids, mood swings/ aggression, hypersexuality (pretty much all tren sides…)

If you ever give mast a try at a low dose. I’ve heard libido wise it’s similar/worse than tren for many. It’s bad for me

Sure, you will gain size on tren, without doubt. But you are not going to gain that ‘exploded, watery size’ many gym bros love to have so they can look big in a t shirt.

Yea but that “exploded, watery size” doesn’t stick with you after you stop using, which mitigates the point of their goals no? Raw lean mass sticks with you. I’d rather gain 10 solid pounds, keep 7 then ballon 20-30 and keep 7

If I was a powerlifter competing I could understand the rationale of blowing up (better leverages, potential joint cushioning etc)

Did you do it with the orals? Dbol is a mass gainer. You do have a good physique, but you need to weigh the pros and cons. Many don’t sleep worth shit on tren. Long term risk is underestimated. Make sure you know what you are doing.

As a side note many like to run tren with trt level test and feel better. You can poke around this forum. There is lots of posts of people doing this. Tren is so powerful you don’t need much test, and not having to deal with high e2 can be helpful.

If I were to use tren (which I probably won’t), I would run only test and tren. Keep it simple and you will certainly get results, and dealing with sides is going to be simpler with two compounds, compared to the proposed 5 compounds.

I only have used it on cut cycles… but I felt I did gain size… but tbh I hate the sides…so if I run a bulk cycle & a cut cycle every yr Id prefer running tren only once.

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Yes I can gain tons of size on tren. I personally actually think tren for cutting is ridiculous. I can cut just as good on some test/mast as I can on tren. Even tho I get minimal side effects from tren it’s still a really harsh drug on the mind and body I have a hard enough time justifying using it on a bulk no way I could justify using It to lose some weight.

Thats why I love tren and dbol cycles.

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@unreal24278 Personally, its very hard for me to gain mass on tren and thats mainly down to 2 things. The appetite and sleep.

We all know food and recovery are the main factors im gaining muscle. For me, Tren brings down my appetite and I also sleep minimal aswell. Its best used to retain LBM when cutting in my opinion.


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Thank you mate, I’ll take your advice and maybe drop the test to trt levels, thank you for your input