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Tren E/Test E Cycle. Blood Pressure Spikes

Hey guys I’m 29 have done a few cycles over the years but have just started this tren cycle
Week 1-8 Tnt 400 blend tren 300mg test 500mg with cabergoline as an AI (as needed)
Week 8-12 test 400 at 500 mg week nova as needed
Week 12-14 hcg (not sure dosage yet)
Week 15-18Chlomide 40-40-20-20
My first couple injections have been .75 of a cc of the tnt so I can slowly adapt my body to the juice.
Just wondering thoughts on this cycle also my blood pressure spiked to 90/151 which is just a tad on the high side is that normal for tren?
Thanks in advance.

If you’ve only taken a couple injections, the tren e shouldn’t have taken much effect yet to alter blood pressure significantly. I didn’t notice sides begin until 5 weeks in to tren e, but everyone experiences these drugs differently, so it’s hard to discount what you’re saying. I will say that the more carbs I eat on tren, the higher my bp will get,

Thanks for the reply man this tren e I got is crazy stuff I’m already getting sides 4 days after first injection nights sweats crazy dreams etc. But i figured out that the tren triggered hypoglycemia I ate some sugar and BP stabilized to 134/84.