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Tren E/T400/Anadrol Cycle Help


Hey, new member been reading these forums for years and helped me tons with my last two cycles. Big thanks to everyone to contributes their opinions.
Stats - 21 years
195lbs 6 foot
16% bf
been working out for over 5 years now used to be 210 lbs and 27% body fat
This is my third cycle fist was just t400, saw some great gains got alittle chunky from it,
then second cycle i did t400, tren a and win, saw awesome results went from 170 and 17% bf to 195 13% but after that kinda slacked off a bit after going out all the time drinking and showing off the new look ahah.

So this cycle im going to be starting on Thursday.
weeks 1-12 Tren E 200mg twice a week
weeks 1-12 T400 400mg twice a week
weeks 1-4 Drol 100mg
weeks 12-15 t400 200mg twice a week to tapper off
A dex .5mg eod
Parmi on hand if needed

PCT is nolva 40/40/40/20
HCG 500iu/week starting week 5

Monday Chest and Calves
Tuesday Back And Abs
Wednesday Legs
Thursday Arms and Abs
Friday Shoulders and Calves
Saturday Stretch/Yoga/Cardio
Sunday Rest/Cardio

Workout time will be the same time everyday 5am-8am every morning before work il be hitting every muscle group to complete failure with a three hour workout window so hopefully my rage from tren wont be bad because il be training so hard hah.

Diet is going to be sitting arount 45-5000 cal a day really clean, ie poached chicken breast and rice alot of the time
and 300g of protein a day.
have milk thistle double dosing every day and other suggestions to add or take away from this cycle? should i be taking more liver aids?
any tips to beat the back acne? besides tanning?


HCG should be used right from the start.

I don’t know your objective, but 5000kcal is a lot of clean food… I think you’ll not be able to drop bodyfat by eating 5000kcals. I’m eating around 4500kcals, trying to grow a little bit, but I’m ON HGH and some t3/ t4, just for some improve of protein synthesis, and I already have 7% bodyfat. starting with 16% does not enable you to eat it all. You can say you have fast metabolism or so, but you don’t have it. If you were fast metabolism you would not be seated in 16%