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Tren E Sides, Possible Switch to A

Well it’s been 10 years since I cycled Tren E. I clearly forgot how shitty the insomnia, anxiety, paranoia can be. I can alleviate the anxiety dosing clonazepam, zoloft, so that isn’t a huge issue. However the damn insomnia even on clonazepam and 15 mg of zopiclone and remeron does not help me stay asleep long enough. The gains are coming in hot so I’m stuck lol clearly in the middle of my cycle. My guy recommended a switch to acetate with prop and var. As I dont want water retention. I know you’re all going to say get the hell off the tren e. But them gains… he says acetate has far less sides but have to pin frequently. My shoulder press has went from 165 x 10 to 210 x 8 in 4 weeks! No joint issues as I warm up and use correct form or I lower the weight. Soo if I stay on the tren e what suggestion for better sleep, or switching to tren a and add var

Current dose
Sustaplex 325 bi weekly
Tren e 200 bi weekly

Well actually I don’t know coz I’ve never used E, but I get all those sides on Ace too, actually makes me insane lol, great results though.

I also heard those infamous myths that E has more side effects, but there’s also plenty of people who run E an swear it’s less sides than Ace.

If I had to guess I would I think what gives less sides is keeping levels as stable as possible no spikes, so pinning more frequently.

If you will do ace you gotta do it ED, I still get those same sides on ACE, but with lesser ED shots my mood and blood was more stable than EOD.

For E it should me more than once a week too for better stability.

You could try Seroquel for sleep, 12.5MG (Half a tab), has given me sleep even on 350 tren in the past when sleeping pills didnt cut it…

Just playing devils advocate here but remember that tendons don’t grow and adapt to the strength gains like muscle. Be careful with lifts involving your shoulders, you could easily damage something.

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That was not part of my question I have muscle memory. Used to be much stronger with no issues. Good point tho.

Are you taking benzodiazepines/Z drugs on a daily basis? You REALLY don’t want to surpass two weeks of continuous use with these (preferably no more than seven days).

If the ultimatum in the end is “keep the cycle going or use benzodiazepines/Z drugs daily… Increase the dosage periodically to adapt to tolerance development or end cycle”

End the cycle