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Tren E Real or Fake???


What do you guys think?


I would'nt be able to tell much from the picture...


I think the point is, if we can't even determine what UGL it is that purportedly produces this steroid, how on earth would you expect us to be able to give any insight as to its authenticity?

Anyway there are dedicated boards for that sort of query. This forum is certainly not one of them. I'll be surprised if this post remains up for 2 more hours, honestly. If it does remain, it will probably be, ironically, due to the shitty quality of the attached photograph.


if it is really that light of a color,I would say it is lighter than what I seen. but it is impossible to say if its real or not because we have no idea where its from,what color it really is or anything really.

so the answer in short is I have no idea,sorry


sorry for the crappy pics guys.