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Tren E: Once or Twice a Week?

Hi, so I have only done Ace cycles before few years back, thinking to give E a try.
Thought about starting around 200MG, Half life says 7/10 days, anyone experience with once a week?

Maybe safer to split at 100 twice a week? Ace makes me an grumpy rollercoaster, tried both ED and EOD.

I’ve heard all mixed opinions about people claiming E is more side effects, which is why I went with Ace in the past, but been hearing the opposite as well lately, some swear the sides come slower and give the body some time to adjust to the compound?

Interesting really, some dudes claim they barely felt bad on low dose of E aside from the sleep, while others say they had to quit abruptly.

Would like some inputs on this.

Was taking 300tren e weekly,first 6 weeks felt perfect… after it i got tired from tren,lethargy night sweats insane …only wanted to sleep nothing else,but in gym i was a beast…but at work or with family,total dead. I drop it 8weeks in,will not take that shit anymore,only tren a…its goes away from the system much faster. About the pins…the more is better,especially on tren. So…

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But doesnt Ace also make you like that?

For me ace gets to my head, also those same sleep issues and sweats, heavy breathing i already get after a week or less with ace, also emotionally im not really myself, mood switches constantly through the day.

Was thinking maybe a slower release causes slower sides?

When did you feel it kick in and notice effects on E gains/pumps etc?

I believe it does…same prep,but other ester…
But if you cannot handle the sides,just 2 days and you dont have it in your system,when i quitted tren e ,2weeks still was feeling like shit. Only when i went tottaly off tren e ,i realised how bad i was feeling on it…yees you can eat whatever,tons of carbs,veins still poppin out…but i prefer feel good on cycle,like on the wings…and with tren e,im not myself anymore,and feeling really bad. Except the libido is through the roof…:smiley:
I started to feel it probably about 2 weeks in
Night sweats started earlier…but the real thing came 3-4week i guess. Insane pumps,motivation overload,power etc… good drug,but you need to be withouth work and family. Just train and sleep,then it would be insane

I’m on my 4th week on tren e @250 mgs … I don’t feel the sides that bad. Really don’t have night sweats… Idk maybe week 6 it will kick in … I mean my strength has gone up but not leaning out as much as I would like to