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Tren E / Masteron Only


Just curious if anyone has tried this without test and what they thought of it. Thinking of trying this, if you have what dose did you do and was it worth it without the test? Ive done some research and seen people say its not worth it without the test and have seen others say it is. Opinions?


I'd say to try it if you had Mast Prop and Tren Ace. Experimenting something thats normally not recommended can usually lead to some unwanted/unexpected sides. Although there are ancillaries for most sides, playing with shorter esters might make you feel more at ease knowing if these sides come up they can disperse much quicker after stopping the gear when using shorter esters vs longer ones. Just my 2 cents but post results/review if you decide to go for it. Good luck!



so two different steroids, neither of which aromatise? and one which acts against estrogen?


Your libido will be pretty shot with just tren/mast and no test. Add a test base in there and you will find that it will be a lot nicer.


that's because you don't know what the hell you are talking about yet insist on giving advice.


need something that'll aromatise in there. Even some dbol or something would work if you don't want to add test, although I'm not sure why you wouldn't.


Having a test base such as Sustanon will give you better results. faster recovery, more fullness/density, increased vascularity. everything the body needs :wink:


Not everybody does things by the book. There are no set in stone protocols when it comes to AAS. I know someone that has ran Masteron only cycles and I'm going to give it a try myself in a couple months. I also prefer running EQ as a base rather than Test. I don't know why you are so against anything far from what you believe in. I understand its not the norm and it could lead to some unwanted sides so I recommended using shorter esters and ancillaries to combat any sides. At the end of the day we're all experimenting on our body, what makes his proposition any different. You really must have some pins stuck in your ass if you can just reject any opinion without prior questioning or knowledge to its source. Conformity never led to any new information. Obviously he stated he has looked into the topic and has seen its risks and benefits.


use testosterone...


You're an idiot.

Without any aromatisation, he'll feel like shit. That's not something I "believe" in, that how's these hormones work.

If you knew what you're talking about, you'd know that.

You're an idiot.


I have read some of your posts and can say you are well knowledgeable in the field. With this said I'll give you whatever suitable time you need to come back with a better response than the subjective "you'll feel like shit without aromatization" statement.

A better way of wording it would have been:
OP, when I don't run Test i feel like shit

But the fact that you're throwing all this flame for that one reason as to why he should run an aromatizing steroid.. I don't know. I think you can come up with something better.


wow, you really ARE an idiot.

Ok, let's try and spell this out for you. Take a huge dose of an AI and see how you feel. Your oestrogen will tank, and you'll feel like shit. That's a fact.

This is the same as what will happen to this guy if he runs a cycle without any aromatisable compounds.

Why would I need to come up with something better, when this is the reason he'll feel like shit? What more do you need, other than it'll make him feel like shit?

Do you understand now?

Do you understand that the purposes of forums like this are to teach people the correct way to use compounds such as this, not just say "durr give it a try bro" and encourage practices we know are unwise?

Do you understand why you should not be giving advice now?

Do you understand why, if you don't know the answer to a question, you should just shut your mouth and let the adults handle it?

Now if you wouldn't mind, please GTFO. I have never seen a post or a thread by you that was any good.


I think "feel like shit" is rather self-explanatory when describing the effects of tanking your estrogen. I would also be worried about a possible estrogen rebound during pct.

But in the end, what form of scientific knowledge could possibly be derived from this "experiment" other than, "damn, sore joints and celibacy ain't as shitty as i thought"?


this is not true.. the most that any AI can reduce your estrogen is about 60%..


You can't seriously be saying that you can't lower E enough with an AI to feel like shit?



perhaps I should have asked you what you meant by the word "tank"


to be fair, I probably should have used a less ambiguous term


I understand what you're saying completely bro. If it was some noob saying want to try this for my first cycle I would've quickly argued against it and suggested as to do some more research and checkout some stickies. This guy said he looked into it thoroughly and still felt the need to question whether he should've tried the cycle. When even known AAS contributors like Bill Roberts have agreed with the use of a Tren & Masteron only cycle, I didn't see any harm in suggesting the cycle with the right precautions such as shorter esters and the right ancillaries. If it wasn't for all the flame I was getting I would've aided with ideal tapering dosages as well.


oh no, you mean we missed out on more of your genius? That is such a shame