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Tren E and Test E

Just looking to get back in shape its been awhile since iv used gear. any recommendations on dosage for someone whos just starting back up?? 6’7 320lb

I know this will not be what you want to hear but I need to say it anyway.
I would recommend a solid diet and exercise program before jumping back on the gear. At 320 lbs I suspect you’re carrying a bit of extra body fat that will only complicate your life if you intorduce AAS into the mix as you’ll find it difficult to control the aromatization of T -> E.

Did height weight this morning 6’8" 224 thats normal for me though i work on a oil rig so its a workout in itself, diet i definitely need to work on last time i was using gear i got up to 385lbs im not trying to get crazy ripped just swole with a flat stomach!

Well that’s a big difference from 320!
What experience do you have with Tren? Some folks can’t stand the side effects and will stay away from it but even they admit it delivers results. A Test/Tren stack could lean you out nicely, even with a less than optimal diet, assuming you are prepared for the potential sides.