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Tren E and Test C/E Concern


Been surfing boards for awhile and finally joined one because I wanted some opinions. From the numerous boards I've been to, it seems that T-Nation has some of the best responses and knowledge out there. Some of the others are questionable, at best. I've read a lot, but nothing beats asking a question yourself.

So I've cycled 4 times - Test E 500; Test E 600, Dbol; Test E 750, Tbol; Test E 600, Deca 500, Tbol
Anyway, I am on TRT so year round 200mg/Test C/Wk + Arimidex + HCG. - just started this at start of year after about a year of severely depressed testosterone levels and various HCG routines to try to restore myself.
I'm 26, 5'11, 215, fairly lean (probably around 10-12% BF), Bench 330, Dead 500, Squat 405. Current goal to continue to lean bulk; lost some lean mass over the past year figuring my hormone situation out, but still in very good shape. Just want to get back to where I was (235, 15% BF), but with lower BF percentage.

I am currently running at 650mg/cyp-ent blend/wk with a prop kick start (week 3). I am going to run this for 16 weeks along with Oral Winny for the last six weeks before back to cruising (TRT). I want to add in Tren as I've read about it endlessly for the past 5 years but never tried. Now I've got some cycles under the belt and am on TRT for life at this point so no longer worried about being extremely shut down as I was before with Tren. I travel frequently (always maintaining gym schedule wherever I am as well as packing my 7-8 meals/day) so pinning ED is honestly not an option; not to mention, I really would rather not pin everyday. So therefore I have two TREN E 200mg/ml vials.

Before I ask my questions, here is my current and proposed cycle:

1-16 Test Cyp/E: 650mg/wk - 2x per week injects (375mg)
1-3 Test P: 100mg/EOD
10-16 Winstrol: Oral, 30-40mg/day
5-15 TREN E: ?????/wk

Also, Arimidex 1mg EOD, HCG 500iu/wk split in two.

Here are my questions: first, I seem to find conflicting opinions on Tren - some say 200mg/wk is too low and I'll just get sides but no gains so it should be run at 400mg/wk at least, if not higher; others say, if you're new to it, run it at 200 or 300 and it will be plenty strong. What should I run it at?

I know many will say, run Tren Ace so you can hop off if the sides are unbearable. I understand that, but I'm running either Tren Enanthate or nothing; its what I have, its what works for my schedule and In terms of handling things, I can handle a whole lot of shit. I'm not concerned about most issues with Tren. The one thing that has me questioning using it at all is the cough; some people say they cough everytime, and severely, some people say they never cough at all.

Obviously, you can't tell me what will happen to me, but I'm curious as to how bad and often the cough is - will I be hacking so hard that I break the needle off in my leg? Is the cough more prevalent with Ace than Enanthate? I read that generally if you find that you bleed when you pin (which I do 90% of the time) it will be a much higher probability that tren will enter the bloodstream and cause the cough (obviously I aspirate, but if I bleed, that means I went through something and pierced something with blood flowing through it). I'm not worried about coughing during the cycle, I'm mainly worried about coughing while pinning.

So anyway, there it all is; please respond to my questions concerning cough. I'm aware of the other side effects and not so worried about them. Am I being ridiculous about canceling the cycle just because I'm worried about this cough? Also please feel free to critique the cycle.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide; I'm so tired of searching for info so I appreciate the direct feedback immensely.


Why not get your hands on a vial of tren ace and pin ED for say, 10 days, just to see how you handle tren. That's 10 injects, surely you could handle that?

After that, you can make a better guess if tren E is right for you. Tren sides can blow asshole, and when I was playing with the test dosage along side of it, when the nasty sides (insomnia, night sweats, NO appetite, constant thirst, constant overheating, etc...) kicked in, I was happy I was using short esters.

Also, FTR... Many guys have enjoyed a low test/high tren cycle and seem to report less sides than when using tren with high (ie, more than a TRT dosage) test. Just something to think about.

As for tren cough, it's a horribly unpleasant experience. As for frequency, I pinned ED for 8 weeks and got tren cough 3 times. However, it seemed to just get worse with each fit, lol. BR has suggested to inject tren especially slowly, and to mix with another compound (like your test) to 'dilute' the tren dosage inside the muscle, IIRC.


Thanks rrjc, I appreciate the response. I woke up this morning thinking I'm going to just get a bottle of Tren Ace and see. But it then occured to me that again, the other side effects are not of a great concern; that cough is what I'd not deal with. I guess you have to pay to play sometimes.... I guess that really wasn't very often, in terms of the cough. However, I don't think my wife would be to happy with me if she finds my lungs hopping out my boddy because I'm shooting an animal steroid into myself.

Well, I don't know, I'm sort of at a loss. Any recommendations for something to put in its place? I've never tried EQ, but seem to find a lot of people calling it a "sissy" steroid which doesn't make me all that excited about it. I think I'd really like to try it but if its really not worth it, please let me know.

I don't want to use Deca again - too big/bloated - trying to maintain a more refined look then when I first started just trying to blow up. I'm not going to compete, so no Masteron, Primo seems like it might be enjoyable, but it seems like you need a very high dosage for it to be effective in any way.

EDIT: I decided that I would just be more comfortable using EQ instead. How does 14 weeks EQ at 400mg/wk, frontloading the first one injection at 800mg/wk. Or is 12 weeks at 500, frontloading the first one at 800 a better choice? Would I feel 400wk? I seem to find some answers that say yes, others say you need at least 600. And should front loading be one injection of higher dose, or two?

Thanks in advance.


Update: front load 1000mg EQ, and continuing normal injection routine of 200mg Sunday Morning/Wednesday night. Should have blood levels maximized and stable by next week at the latest. I'm glad I went with something I feel more comfortable with; maybe tren someday but for now, I still grow very well with test alone and interested to see what EQ will do for me.


Im on week 1 of 600 mg/wk test and 200mg/wk Tren e. Ill let you know how it goes.

Whoever said 200/mg a week will do nothing except give you sides is a moron.

Personally I would rather start small and move up. You have you're whole life to cycle rome wasn't built in a day


Good points. My main concern, like I said, was the coughing during injection. I just don't really want to deal with that when I know other compounds work just fine and side-free for me. Have you had any issue with that cough during injection so far?


just finished week 2. no coughing whatsoever. feeling great, actually, this morning i woke up in a pool of sweat (that would be the tren i suppose lol).


I'd say that is the tren then. Well glad its going well. I might do a cycle this winter, but I'm happy with what I've got laid out now. Thanks for the update