Tren E and Test 450, PCT Advice Needed

Alright so im on my first 10 week cycle off tren 200mg and test 450 1.5ml each a week.

My problem is i completely forgot about my pct im only on my first injection. I know i should of researched my pct before hand (stupid of me) any advice on what i should take after my cycle? Any help will be appreciated thanks.

21 year old male.

That’s a really large cycle for someone your age…
Doesn’t seem like you have done much research at all.

Are you taking AI’s?

Your going to want to smash some HCG, Clomid, and Nova…
Atleast 5000iu’s of HCG and run a taper down dose for the Clomid and Nova.
I luck running HCG near the end of my cycle if its only 10 weeks.

good luck…