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Tren E and EQ?


Can you take tren e and eq togeather, i just ask because since tren e lowers your rbc and eq raises your rbc i thought the two would help one qnother out by keeping one from getting fatigued like they get when on tren e. heres what I was thinking..

Eq 400mg 10wks
Tren E 200mg 10wks
Test c 250mg 10wks
winny 50 ed weeks 5-10



Test seems low.
I would run the test a week or two past the tren.
why winny?


28, 175, 12%, 5.9",


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I've ran EQ and Tren in the same cycle...had good results. I would raise the test and run it a few weeks longer than everything else


Actually I believe I remember RJ saying quite a while back that his favorite stack was test/tren/eq.

I agree that the test in your proposed cycle is low, as is the length of the cycle provided you will be using a steroid with the undecylenate ester. 10 weeks of tren is probably not the best idea, either.

Your stats don't sound too hot for starting steroids, either (and I'll just bet that bf% is a guesstimate), and that, compounded by the poor planning of this cycle, would lead me to believe you are neither physically nor psychologically ready to begin cycling.

But then, you've posted almost nothing to provide us with further information and you've not asked for this advice either, so what do I know?


I have the same plan.
Stats, 26, 156lbs, low body fat! 5'8"

12 Weeks
Once a week will take
600mg EQ
500mg Test E

But what you recommend for anti-estrogen during the cycle.


That's not the same plan. Best to start your own thread. Please do so AFTER reading the stickies at the top of the forum which cover your questions in detail.