Tren dosage

Has anyone on here used 100mg or more ED of Tren while on cycle?

About 6 weeks ago I finished a six week cycle of Tren ED (among other things) and was very tolerant, and loved the stuff. No sides except vivid dreams and oily skin.

I have heard some guys do up to 150mg ED. Next cycle I do using Nectar of the Gods, I am considering doing more than 75mg ED. Any thoughts?

Most I do is 75mg per day, and I always stack. right now I am stacking it with 75 mg of Winstrol per day and 15mg of Dbol per day and 200mg of deca per week. This I have found is a good combo. You get lean hard gains, some good size as well and very little water retention. Oh and for all you deca haters and fina dick haters my libido is through the roof! -I will be posting some pictures very shortly of my contest prep - stay tuned!

I guess the only thing you have to watch for when you up the dose of fina or deca too high is progesteronic gyno. This can be countered by either taking Bromocryptine or a safer more natural alternative is Chaste berry (Vitex) - (what I use).
Also drink lots of water.

i like it between 100-125mgs/ed

thats where he likes it, but hes been known to use 750mg per day.

I have used up to 200mg per day of tren. the pumps were insane. I am currently using 75mg/day, but am using alot of other gear. If you go over 100mg/day make sure to monitor your blood pressure. I remember tren-freak saying he had used around 200mg/day before a show. I may go that high when I am a week or two out from my show.
btw, I will post a pic this week when I figure out how to do it.

is that why i am growing horns?

eh JT whats up? I’ll be posting pics soon too - just got to take them still but soon also

I think some of us are very tolerant of Tren - lucky us!

Drago, U B da’ aminal man at that dosage.

im taking 75mg per day right now along with 250mg of sust eod. ill be laying down watching tv and sometimes feel like i need to go outside and just beat the shit out of a tree, and then then smash my dick straight into the wall!

if im just lounging around, im constantly irritated, i start itching and getting hot and cant sleeep worth a shit. i dont thik i could up the tren dose at all.

time to go smash my dick.

oh yeah, i forgot to mention that i have to spank off at least 2x per day. im not freaken lying! i have a perpetual boner. being around high school age girls all day surely isnt helping any.

P22, I am alright man. so where is your pic? you must be getting close to contest shape by now.