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Tren Dosage and 6-OXO


I will be starting a 6-week cycle of tren acetate shortly, it will be my first cycle so I don't feel the need to stack it to make up for the lack of non-AR activity. I have two questions:

  1. I planned a dosage of 50mg per day (0.5 mL in this case), but I had to buy more than I needed and I have enough for 70mg per day. What should I do with the additional? Would it be better to increase the dosage to 70, or save the remains for a short, low-dose cutting focused cycle later on?

  2. I'm not concerned about aromatization with this drug, but I have read that 3-6 weeks of 6-oxo also helps to boost natural test levels after a cycle. Should I wait until the day after the last tren injection to start 6-oxo, or should I start a few days earlier?

I appreciate any advice - I studied biology and work in the healthcare industry, so throw any technical stuff at me that I might find helpful.


This is just my opinion, but if this is your first cycle I would shelve the trenand the 6-oxo and go with test only.

There are not very many folks that do a tren only cycle. I don't know the particulars of why - I just know that it is not a common practice.

I call your cycle a tre-only cycle because 6-oxo is a prohormone, and I doubt you will get any of the synergism with it that you get with test.


Bump that. I've also heard that doing tren only your little soldier might not stand at attention.



6-oxo is not a prohormone. It is an aromatase inhibitor. it will irreversibly bind to the aromatase enzyme and permanently deactivate it. (suicide inhibitor) It suppresses estrogen production and elevates endogenous test. It is OTC, and effective for mild pre-ban prohormone PCT.

Using it for something as suppressive as Tren is not recommended IMHO.

Tren standalone for a first cycle is a bad idea.


6 oxo will cause a big estrogen spike when use is discontinued

get some nolva and clomid... also just like all the other guys... start with test


This is a bit off subject but i was wondering if TRIBEX will fix libido problems while on Fina?




6-oxo claims to boost natural test. levels, why would it cause a spike in estrogen when discontinued? Also, excuse my ignorance as I am not presently on steroids, but how would someone combat an estrogen spike. do you have to keep using steroids, or do they eventually get back to normal.


What does it take to fix libido and stay on fina?
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TEST !!!!!!!!


Thank You!!!!!
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