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Tren Did Raise Prolactin

Just got bloods back. I’m currently on Test/Eq (trt doses). Finished Tren 2 weeks ago. Ever since, have had wierd sensations in my nips. Was not sure if high e2(estridal) or prolactin. Well, bloods came back. Estridal was 14! Prolactin was 20.2!

This was done on 400mg test, 400mg tren.
B6 at 600mg daily.

I did NOT run caber during cycle. Just adex.!

FWIW… that’s not very high prolactin and IMO wouldn’t warrant the use of caber.

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That B6 dosage is very high. Too much B6 in the form of Pyridoxine can cause nerve damage. You’d be much better off taking P-5-P. It is the active form and no risk of nerve damage. Smaller dose would work better and safer: maybe 150-200mg per day on that cycle.

I had never heard of it to be 100% honest.

You dont think? Man, I can literally feel my nips “pulsing”. Sucks bad.

Not for most folks. You may be sensitive to it, I’m not doubting your symptoms. But serious prolactin issues are way higher than that. Caber was meant for prolatinomas which can shoot those numbers into the 150-200+


O wow, I never see much in regards to prolactin. So wasn’t sure. When I saw it was “out of range” and my estro was actually “low”. I kind of panicked. I have some prami but that shit is unbearable. Feel terrible on it. But I understand what your saying. I am BARELY out of range. I can’t believe they are this sensitive. I guess if I ain’t lactating send it!

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Here’s my prolactin on TRT. It’s not high enough to make any difference.

Really? Hmm, see most people dont talk prolactin. It’s always “how much AI do I need, I dont have blood work”.

Maybe I am over reacting.

My prolactin was in the 30s. Zero effects from it though. Took P5P at 200mg for 4 weeks and it was down to 12-15.

My prolactin was 1234 (86 - 324) when I was on tren so I used caber towards the end of cycle. The caber gave me the worst constipation imaginable!

Its one of the shittiest drugs I’ve taken, made me feel like absolute hell, on par with Arimidex.

Im going to give this a go, I havent had bloods done but I feel my Prolactin might be elevated from the Tren and GH but I refuse to use caber.


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Yes mate, the tren was easy to handle by comparison!!

OTC prolactin protocol:

P5P 50-200mg per day, in divided doses
(or B6 can be used at 300-1000mg in divided doses, more on that in a sec)

Vit E 300-400 IU per day, up to as high as 1000 IU (side effects are possible at that high of a level)

SAMe 400-1200mg per day, divided doses

All three taken concurrently.

Note- Vit B6 at higher doses can cause nerve issues and tingling after a few months use; short term use ‘should’ cause no problems. If you use B6, make sure you get pyridoxine hydrochloride, not pyridoxal. The pyridoxine form is the only one of the two which has been shown to effect prolactin levels. Probably easier to just take P5P.

Vit E taken between 600-1000mg can deplete iron stores in people prone to low iron. (not sure how mg translates to IU in Vit E)

SAMe can cause GI upset and nausea in rare occasions. Can also be overstimulating in some users, so be sure to take it well away from bedtime. (think I was taking my last dose around dinner time and had no issues - this was over 5 years ago so don’t ask specifics)

I used this protocol while doing a series of 2 on/4 off short cycles which included tren ace. I felt like it worked for the most part (never did any testing), but I had ED/tren dick issues during and after the last short cycle of the series - which I think was the fifth short cycle. Again, no testing done, and I am thinking I ran out of the supps early but can’t remember.

Going to bump my own thread. For my next go round, I may try running mast along side tren. Anyone else like this idea? Alot.of talk about the dht along side 19nor and less sides as Mast is good at binding to shbg. At least, that’s my take on it.