Tren Dick for Months Post Cycle

I did a test e and Tren cycle for around 12 weeks And have massive Tren dick but I was using viagra at the time with my girlfriend so it was manageable. I then did a test prop and boldenone 8 week cycle. I have been off Tren for around 5 months now and finished the boldenone cycle over 2 months ago. However I’m still suffering erection problems! My dick doesn’t get go fully hard and it’s making me feel depressed. I did a month pct of nolvadex, and did a week 1ml of hcg and am currently taking pro viron which has made me more horny but still having issues. Ive been to the doctors and they’ve said my blood work is all fine so I just don’t know what to do. testosterone level 17.6 nmoI/L [6.1 - 27.1] prolactin level 153 my/L [0.0 - 278.0]

Can you still have intercourse?

Even as a healthy natural, many guys have slightly soft boners but can still enjoy full on intercourse. Not everyone gets rock hard boners.

Get full labs. You need to know E2 and other important hormones. I can take .125 mg adex and go from pretty hard to real hard in a day. Might be something like that.

Yeah I did ask for my full blood work i have been given my results but I can’t see E2 on there?

I cant have intercourse cos my dick goes down straight away