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Tren Dick for About a Year and a Half

Good afternoon guys. I took some oral Tren about 2 years ago stacked with 300mg of test a week. I’m 26 have gotten my test labs which came back with a low 270 and I just got my new test labs it’s right now at 85, range 160-726. My sex drive is non existent… I’m sure it killed my libido. I’ve been like this for about a year and a half, my pct was I think 3k iu every 3 days? I don’t really remember since it was a while back. I’m currently on trt half a cc every 14 days of prescribed cypionate. I’ve read stuff on caber and prami, are there any protocols I can follow right now to restore my libido? This is a cry for help! I would appreciate any advice I can get. Thank you in advance!


3k iu? HCG? That’s not a PCT drug.

Is it a libido issue or a case of flat dick?

Did you get a full hormone panel?

I know… I was an idiot, it’s been close to 2 years since I’ve been on a pct. I need a solution

Just test levels. It started happening about a week or 2 after I stopped the pills.

You need a full blood work up.

And il ask again is it just libido or is it erectile dysfunction?

I used to have sex 3-4 times a day now 1-2 times a week. And the 3-4 times would be without being on a cycle. I know my current test levels are at 270 which are very low.

Ok well sense you can’t manage to answer a simple question I wish you the best of luck in recovering maybe someone else can help


Some people dont know the difference.

@angral23 How much are you thinking about sex? Can you perform during sex? Is Jr standing at attention, or is he slouching? Are you able to climax? Do you wake up in the morning with morning wood? I am doubting having morning wood with those low T levels.

Sex really doesn’t cross my mind anymore. When I focus I can cum and absolutely no morning wood whatsoever

You would think of something is wrong with your dick for a year and a half you would know all the terms etc from endless Google searches.

And he still didn’t really answer you clearly stated questions


I can sometimes perform during sex, my penis stays up for most of it but begins to die out. Also my prolactin lvls are at 8.7

You should get a full blood panel

@zeek1414 Is there any coming back after being down that low that long? Mine was at 253 on a Range of 300-900. I went immediately on TrT.

It depends if it’s low because his nuts aren’t working sure a pct could jump start him. If it’s low because his nuts aren’t working right or have decided they aren’t gonna work well again then clomid mono therapy could be an option I don’t know enough about it to speak in it just that it exsist.

But sure iv seen cases of guys who blasted and cruised for 5+ years using every compound imaginable and recovered. And We have all seen the “I did one cycle and never recovered” stories they are real and part of the risk we take.

This means nothing to us without a range.

Jesus christ I must have missed this when reading the original post. You need a new doctor this might be one of the worse protocols iv ever seen

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I’m just lost now you did oral tren and test and did a pct of what hcg? When did you get on trt? How long have you been on trt? What’s your E2 at? What’s your prolactin WITH RANGE? What’s your accurate body fat%? What’s your daily life like stress, sleep, training etc.

When asking questions about libido (desire for sex) and erectile dysfunction (your dick getting and staying hard) you need to give all the details there is many factors that go into both of them.

Your current trt protocol is trash that’s the only thing that stands out to me at this point. That’s a good place to start tho

Well that’s my most resent results from about 2 months ago; I got new labs done today which won’t come back until maybe next week or so… I edited my main post, I’m on trt .5 cc of cupionate every 14 days prescribed by my doctor. I’ve been on trt for maybe 6-8 months but my sex life hasn’t improved.

Ok my prolactin level with range is 8.6 range is 2.5-17.0, test level on both test were 205 first and then second test was 270 range is 160-726. I’ve been on trt for about 6-8 months. I don’t know my E2. I don’t have accurate body fat but I would assume anywhere from 17-18%. My daily routine is wake up at 3AM go to the gym then work (I’m an electrician) if that helps. About my dick it gets hard at times but sometimes I have a hard time keeping hard, it’ll get flimsy sometimes. I do climax when I focus just a little harder now than before.

Ok prolactin is fine if you insist on taking something for it grab some P5P off Amazon and take 50mg twice a day.

Your trt doctor is trash that’s not necessarily your fault. You should know your E2 because your doctor should be getting it tested. I assume you don’t take an AI because you didn’t mention it which is fine (probably a good thing actually).

If I were you the first thing I would do is get a new trt doctor. Your taking a half cc which I’m guessing is 125mg of testosterone every 14 days this alone is enough of an issue to cause libido loss and erectile dysfunction.

Check out the T-replacement part of this forum there is some good info about trt protocols there. I would suggest getting on a 2 shot a week protocol of a quarter CC x2 a week so it would look something like 0.25 cc Monday and repeat Thursday. Do this for a month or two check bloods and increase if necessary.

This is all assuming your testosterone is dosed at 250mg/ml and I’m only suggesting what I would do I’m not a doctor.

Get an accurate body fat% if you are guessing it’s 17 it’s probably higher losing weight will help

Are you doing your own injections? I am on TrT, been for 18 months. Prescribed 100mgs a week. I divide it up into 2 shots every 3.5 days. I have upped my dose to roughy 160ish mgs per week. I have never taken any AI or nolvadex. I do my own injections at home, in the quads, Intra-muscular. You need to get that protocol fixed.

EDIT: Are you taking any AI’s? Something feels off about all this.

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I do my own injections on my quads and I’m currently not taking any AI’s. I was reading about caber and how it can help but for now I guess I’ll take zekes advice on splitting the test shots to 2 times a week