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Tren/Dbol/Test C Cycle with Low Test Results

400mg test C injected twice a week
40mg dbol a day. 20mg am and 20mg pm
50mg Tren A EOD
1mg Caber a week
.50mg Adex E3D

6’6 275 last known BF was 8% in Jan at 265.

I knew I would blow up on dbol and I did, i am at 283 right now and thats fine. The pump is amazing and I love dbol.

I just took my Est and total Test blood and est came back fine, I have that dialed in over the last couple years but my total test was 1250. That seems low to me for what I am taking. Hell my first cycle of 500mg test C I was in the 1700s. So I am taking Tren EOD and I dont have any tren sides. I thought I was lucky but maybe I should take it ED or up it? Hell with just the test I thought I would be higher. I am in week 2 of a 10 week cycle. Dbol is only through week 6. Should I make an adjustment now? Any thoughts on the test or tren?

thank in advance for any advice.

At those levels you should be at 4000-5000 ng/dl. Just my 210 of pharm grade for TRT puts me at astronomically higher levels than that. Then again, you’re only in week 2. Should have waited a couple more weeks before doing a blood test. I’d wait two weeks and test again before jumping to any conclusions.

75mg of tren a EOD is more than sufficient, but some go much higher. You could titrate up until you start getting sides then dial it back if you’re just trying to gauge whether your tren is underdosed/bunk. Night sweats and slight insomnia will probably be the first things you’ll notice.

I think I might dial it up to 75mg. I expected alot higher result. Keep in mind I started TRT 2 years ago and have done three cycles and have blasted and cruised through the last 2 years. I am 42 so not to worried about it but I should be higher than that even in week 2.

What’s your TRT dose

Started at 140 a week and now upto 180.

Seems to me like you should be approaching 1250 on that alone. Gear seems bunk. At least the test.